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So today will be my rest day for the week.  It was to be cardio day, but I will trade it for my sunday cardio day.  Today was way too nice to be indoors.  I spent time with family I’d not seen this month.  It was an unexpected visit and it was good to see my elders.

So its evening and I decided to try this chocolate I’d bought.  Watching Dr. Oz he suggested getting dark chocolate with chili.  The only brand I found was Lindt.  Well it really is a calorie bang for your buck because you don’t need a lot at all.  I in fact at 1/2 of a square.  The chili spice went down my throat in a way that made me cough.  The chocolate is still lingering on my tongue ten minutes later.

Ok, off to bed and tomorrow is workout 1.

March 14th, 2012 at 7:02 pm