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I don’t know if its because I’m paying more attention to what’s going into my body these days, but I’m finding food commercials particularly irritating these days.  Food is romanticized so much and moreso if the product has an miniscual nutritional benefit.  A new cereal called Krave has a chocolate center.  I watched that commercial […]

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It’s the weekend and I made it on my first week on the program!  Yay!!  I did not do the cardio workout, but chose an outside walk instead.  It was nice weather here and it felt good to shed the winter outer coat.  Sunday was a rest day which I spent preparing food for the […]

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Friday was day 5 and that was workout 2.  Workout 2 is so much harder than 1 for me.  I did make a point to increase my weight and really focus on instruction and the muscles being worked.  In the manual it says to use phase 1 to lose your initial 20-30 pounds and then […]

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