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I started to get back to into a routine by starting a thread on 3fatchicks.  I’ve had great company on that thread while getting back into the groove.  It’s been slow going, but its about to be kicked up full force.  I bought Jillian michaels body revolution and will start it on Monday, Feb 27th.  I will be one of a group that have vowed to give it the old college try and stick with this intense program.

Along the way I plan to write about the many emotional experiences I am sure to go through.  I’ve started seriously giving more consideration to my dietary needs.  I like to cook so I will experiment with recipe’sand new foods to try.

So, no time like the present to talk about a new product I picked up at the market today.  In the freezer section I came across a Goya product that consisted of a sheet of frozen fruit.  The official name is Fruta.  It consists of only the pulp of fruit.  I bought the two flavors the supermarket had, papaya and mango. According to the website they have many other flavors.  Now I’ll be on the lookout for the other flavors from now on.   I plan to use it in my smoothies.  It only has less than 60 calories per serving and can be used in other things I’m sure.  I opened one and separated it into single serving bags for my convenience.  As you can see a serving size is a nice sized portion.

I haven’t decided on actually logging my food into a formal online diary.  The last time I did it I got completely obsessed with it and I think ultimately was one reason for my losing interest the last go around. I will just stick to eating wholesome meals and snacks for now.

February 25th, 2012 at 6:19 pm