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I took a mini break and missed about three workouts this week.  I will be picking up starting tomorrow which is Monday starting with workout 3.  This weekend was spent basically just regrouping my mind.  I think I was just tired from “having” to do stuff.  I even took off from work on Friday.

So this weekend was spent making some yummy new recipes.  Cooking relaxes me and often I like the yummy smells that permeate the air.

I made several items that I found on skinnytaste.com .    I made blueberry muffins (these were good), buffalo chicken dip (totally awesome), dijon herb pork chops (delicious), low-fat buttermilk ranch dressing (was ok, needs more flavor) and the coconut mufffins from another website I made in another post.  Tomorrow I’ll be making the turkey burger with zuchini (can’t wait to try these).  Oh, I forgot about the hungry girl exploding taquitos .  I don’t think I like the flavor of the corn tortilla.  I will use a different wrap next time, but they were very filling.  I used the buttermilk dressing as a dip with a little salsa mixed in.

Tonight I made a recipe I found on youtube for black-bean brownies by Yoyomax.  I love her channel, she has such interesting recipes.  Drumroll..the batter resembles chocolate cake batter.  If you check out the recipe on youtube it calls for 6tbs of butter.  I used what I had open which was almost 4tbs from a stick of butter.  I used a couple tablespoons of applesauce in place of the missing butter.  I am amazed that these are black bean based with no flour and the batter rose while baking.  The finished product is very moist.  It was not too sweet probably because I used coconut sugar as the main sugar and a little white sugar.  I think I would add more cocoa or add some chocolate chips to the mix.  The finished product was a dark chocolate cake, not too sweet and enough of a chocolate flavor to satisfy a sweet tooth.  Ok, I confess that I had two pieces…lol

I’m off to prepare for tomorrow.  Gnite!

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So this week starts week 4.  Technically I should be in my second week of workouts 3/4, but I elected to continue on with workouts 1/2 for an additional week.

Today was workout 3 and OMG!!!  That was a crazy workout and I was sweating buckets.  There were a few moves that I could not get into or had serious trouble.  I’m terribly inflexible which hindered me with this workout.  I’ll have to incorporate more stretching somehow.

My weight has not gone down, but I am seeing other positive results with muscle development.  So, I’m not too worried.  Also, I had a few too many high calorie days last week.  I didn’t go over my basal calorie, but for losing weight I went over my daily allotment.  So, I’m working to do better with my eating habits this week.

Tomorrow is workout 4.  I’m going to work in an outside walk tomorrow.  I did that today too, but I’m going to walk farther.


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Yesterday I did not get my workout in.  I had some “pamper me” time at the hairdresser.  The fun continued on with a pedicure.

So, today its back to business.  I did the workout 2 today.  I figured that these muscles won’t get worked again until tuesday so I got it done.  I also did some cardio on the treadmill to burn some more calories.

So yesterday I didn’t have any food with me at work.  The food I bought had a bit of sodium and as a result my weight was up a little this morning.  It’s important for those trying to lose weight to realize your choices and how it can affect your outcome.  It’s mainly impossible to gain overnight so you have to look at what you’ve eaten to qualify such a change.  Do not freak out over it, but do look inward and own up to it.  I know yesterday’s meal plan was not ideal and the results reflect today.

Now, what you choose to do with the change is either sink deeper into the hole or strive to get back on track.  I CHOOSE TO STRIVE TO GET BACK ON TRACK.

I wanted my cloud pancake today, but because of yesterday it is not in the cards.  Here is where check and balance comes into play.  If you mess up one day you need to make adjustments the following days.  So, for me today and tomorrow will be lower carb, lower sodium and lower fat foods.  Balance!

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Tonight was workout 1 and a treadmill walk afterwards while my dinner heated up in the toaster oven.

I made sage apple pork chops earlier this week so that protein was revived for tonight’s dinner.  Also, I actually used a whole container of tomato’s….wooohooo!  I tend to buy them, don’t eat them and they end up shriveling.  I do have another container that I’m going to make a homemade roasted salsa this weekend.  Yumm.

Pic of dinner–>sage and apple pork chop, arugula salad with 1tbs french dressing and 4-cut up campari tomato’s naked.

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So today will be my rest day for the week.  It was to be cardio day, but I will trade it for my sunday cardio day.  Today was way too nice to be indoors.  I spent time with family I’d not seen this month.  It was an unexpected visit and it was good to see my elders.

So its evening and I decided to try this chocolate I’d bought.  Watching Dr. Oz he suggested getting dark chocolate with chili.  The only brand I found was Lindt.  Well it really is a calorie bang for your buck because you don’t need a lot at all.  I in fact at 1/2 of a square.  The chili spice went down my throat in a way that made me cough.  The chocolate is still lingering on my tongue ten minutes later.

Ok, off to bed and tomorrow is workout 1.

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Tonight was workout 2 of phase 1.  For some reason I kinda struggled today.  I thought I would have more energy with my working out at night.  Still I burned almost 500 calories.  Strangely after doing this workout for two weeks I still feel a struggle at points in this workout.  I don’t think it will totally ever be easy.  As with workout 1 I used 8lbs for this workout.  I did drop weights on the second circuit of step ups.  Tomorrow is a cardio day….yay!

Now, I’m off to input my workout in my calorie calculator.

EDIT–To make my life easier I put all of phase 1 workouts on one dvd along with jill’s cardio kickbox and a couple stretch workouts.  Strange how the Body Revolution Program does not include a focused stretch workout.

Screenshot of my dvd below:

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I’m going to rename the Body Revolution posts according to week.  I messed up some where along the way with labeling my days.

So today was to start week 3 of the program.  I choose to redo week 1/2 for another week before moving on to week 3.  Why?  I don’t feel conditioned enough to move on.  I feel as if I’m just getting the hand of the moves and am putting more effort into the moves.

So, today was workout 1 for a calorie burn of 458.  Tomorrow will be workout 2 which I will probably do after work.

Till tomorrow!

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I want to get more veggies in my diet as well as incorporate beans somehow.  I came across a recipe by Rachel Ray on the foodnetwork called Sausage, Kale and Lentil Soup.  The serving size she posted is that this soup serves 4.  Umm….that’s a big fat NO!  I did add more meat to increase the protein count, but other than that this pot is huge.  The pic on the right is a top shot of the pot which is half full of soup goodness.  The pic on the left is the amount I ate.

It was a little time consuming because of cooking the meat in batches.  The recipe used turkey sausage to which I added ground turkey.  There’s a bit of veggie chopping-onion, celery, carrot, potato and kale.  The good part is this is a one pot meal.  You could add a salad, but I probably won’t because its very filling because of the sweet potato and fiber rich lentils.  I’m going to put a few servings in the freezer, pack up some for the week and give the rest away.

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I found this recipe on pinterest.  It’s called Cloud Pancake.  It required whipping egg whites and basic ingredients.  I missed the part of cooking it on the stovetop for a few minutes.  I don’t see why that’s necessary though because the pan has already been heated in the oven.  Soooo….it never deflated which is a good thing and this thing is HUGE!!  Huge works for this foodie.  I love volume and could never look at a tablespoon of anything and be satisfied.  I used 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil instead of a whole tablespoon of butter that the recipe called for.  I also used half whole wheat flour and half white flour for the 1/4 cup of flour.  I also used coconut milk instead of cow’s milk.  If you’ve been following my blog you know that I picked up several containers of strawberries and 3 half gallons of coconut milk so of course I had to use some in this recipe.

Pic of finished product below

Off to eat!

REVIEW—OH MY GOODNESS!!  That was so very yummy!  Now I’m sad I messed around with the pancake failure from yesterday.  I could have had this one instead.  I used a non-stick tfal omelet pan coated with 1/2 tbs coconut oil.  I moved the coconut oil around up to the sides of the pan before putting the batter in.  I topped the pancake with strawberries and blueberries and put it into the oven.  The result was a browned bottom with a fluffy body to the pancake.  I topped with a measured 1 tbs of agave maple syrup.  This is definitely a keeper.  Sadly because of the whipping of the egg whites this will probably be a day off or weekend meal.

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