WE HAVE A WINNER! DRUMROLL………… Jitterfish! With a weight loss of 10+ lbs she is our biggest loser for the 2011 Summer Slam Challenge! Runner-up is Afatgirlinflats with a weight loss of 8 lbs! What a great job you both have done! Jitterfish, I will get you an award to display on your blog and leave you a link to it. Congratulations for all you hard work and the great pay off!

Honorable mentions: Goodnuff, for losing 2 whole inches off her waist and putting the rest of us to shame. Afatgirlinflats, for staying on plan dietwise the entire challenge. And to Gertiev for (I believe) completeing the most challenges and updating on progress religiously.

I have had a blast and I’m glad to be able to crown a winner! What a great time and what a great bunch of girls to keep motivated with! Congratulations to all of us, we are all winners because we all tried- and none of us gained! Yah!

*Personal update: My internet connection stick is not working properly, so I may be unavailable for a few days while I get it replaced. Hope to be back soon!

First I want to say how very proud of everyone I am! We have all done a great  job over the last 4 weeks and I hope to see us all do even better in the weeks coming. Once everyone has gotten me their stats/ or the deadline has passed I will crown the winner and point out all the great things we have accomplished together. I see some great numbers down there and some great NSV’s to report as well once it’s all in. Thank you all so much for participating and bearing with me through all the unexpected changes I had going on during the challenge. I’m sad to say that I ended up breaking even after the holdiay and DH, plus lovely TOM came this moring to throw me one last loop- but maintenance is a part of life and I’m glad to say that I at least accomplished that. Hope to see you all soon in some of the other challenges floating around- Didi and Gertiev are having summer challenges soon, so check out their pages for more info. Again, Thank you all and I will get up the final results as soon as the deadline is over.


Mismichelle– SW: 155.9, CW: , Loss:  , BMI: 24.5, CBMI: , Loss: , Plan: , Waist Loss: (No final update)

Didibuttonsley– SW: 200.0, CW: 196.0, Loss: -4.0, BMI: 31.3, CBMI: ?, Loss: ?, Plan: No, Waist Loss: ?

Jelbelle– SW: 174.0, CW: 172.6, Loss: -1.4, BMI: 29, CBMI: 28, Loss: -1, Plan: No, Waist Loss: 0

Gertiev– SW: 161.0, CW: 156.5, Loss: -4.5, BMI: 28, CMBI: 27.7, Loss: -.3, Plan: 90% Yes, Waist Loss: -.8 inch

Brseay– SW: 201.0, CW: 197.4, Loss: -3.6, BMI: 32.4, CBMI: 31.9, Loss: -.5, Plan: No, Waist Loss: -1 inch

Pepagirl– SW: 158.0, CW: 158.0, Loss: 0, BMI: 28, CBMI: 28, Loss: 0, Plan: No, Waist Loss: -.25

Goodnuff– SW: 288.4, CW: 284.6, Loss: -3.8, BMI: 48, CBMI: 47.4, Loss: -.6, Plan: No, Waist Loss: -2 inches

Jitterfish– SW: 211.2, CW: 200.6 , Loss: -10.8, BMI: 36.1, CBMI: 34.3, Loss: -1.8 , Plan: No, Waist Loss: -1 inches

Elliehastings– SW: 276.0, CW: 271.4, Loss: -4.6, BMI: TBA, CBMI: ? , Loss: ?, Plan: No, Waist Loss: ?

Afatgirlinflats- SW: 208.0, CW: 200.0, Loss: -8.0 , BMI: 33.6, CBMI: 32.3, Loss: -1.3, Plan: Yes, Waist Loss: 0 inches



Continue to scroll down for week three challenge list.

Mismichelle– SW: 155.9, CW: 153.6, Loss -2.3: , BMI: 24.5, CBMI: 24.1, Loss: -.4, Plan: Yes

Didibuttonsley– SW: 200.0, CW: 200.0, Loss: -0.0, BMI: 31.3, CBMI: 31.3, Loss: -0, Plan: Yes

Jelbelle– SW: 174.0, CW: 174.4 , Loss: +.4 , BMI: 29, CBMI: 29, Loss: 0, Plan: No

Gertiev– SW: 161.0, CW: 156.8, Loss: -4.2, BMI: 28, CMBI: 27.8, Loss: -.2, Plan: Yes

Brseay– SW: 201.0, CW: 194.0, Loss: -7.0, BMI: 32.4, CBMI: 31.3, Loss: -1.1, Plan: No

Pepagirl– SW: 158.0, CW: 155.0, Loss: -3.0, BMI: 28, CBMI: 27.5, Loss: – .5, Plan: No

Goodnuff– SW: 288.4, CW: 287.2 , Loss: -1.2 , BMI: 48, CBMI: 47.8, Loss: -.2, Plan: No

Jitterfish– SW: 211.2, CW: 205.0 , Loss: -6.1 , BMI: 36.1, CBMI: 35 , Loss: -1.1 , Plan: Yes

Elliehastings– SW: 276.0, CW: 273.4, Loss: -2.6, BMI: TBA, CBMI: TBA, Loss: -0, Plan: Yes

Afatgirlinflats- SW: 208.0, CW: 201.0 , Loss: -7.0 , BMI: 33.6, CBMI: 32.4 , Loss: -1.2, Plan: Yes


I hope that you have all been having a ball with the challenges these past 2 weeks, below are your week 3 challenges! Remember that you have until Monday at 2:00pm EST to post your week 2 results. Which includes current weight, current BMI, and if you stayed on plan diet wise. Good luck with this week!

Challenge #1: Six Pack Abs in 60- Today you will be challenging you mid section to do things never though possible. You have one hour to complete 100 sit ups, 100 forward (traditional) crunches, 100×2 bicycle crunches (each side), 10 one hundred count planks, 10 one hundred count sessions of belly dancing moves, 10 ten count double leg extends, and 10 ten count captains chair lifts. You can probably find an explaination of how to complete each of these online. The captains chair does require equipment so for those of you without access to a gym, may substitute this move for any other ab move listed to be repeated. When doing the belly dancing moves remember to use only your abs for movement, no hips and no chest movement. To explain the double leg extend- you lie on your back with your bottom on the ground and lift both legs off the floor at about a 30-45 degree angle and hold. When done properly you will feell the burn in your abs. *Modifications: If you are unable to compelte any of these exercises for medical reasons (as situps are hard on the back, etc) then you may substitute any exercise for ones that you can complete.  If you need more than 1 hour you may break the challenge up as needed.

Challenge #2: Legs that go for Days- Today will be about challenging our legs to carry around our bodies, strong legs are very important for providing better posture and overall fitness. You will again have one hour to complete the following;  100 lunges on each side, 100 pli`es, 100 lateral raises on each leg, 100 calf raises, 100 squats, 100 count wall sit, and 100 thigh & butt press raises. (click link for explaination of T&B press) Modifications: You may as always substitute any move that is unsuitbale for you for any other move that you can complete twice. You may also break the challenge into whatever intrevals suit your needs. Also do not participate in any challenge that is medically unsafe for you to complete.

Challenge #3: Up in Arms for Weight loss- Today will be about challenging our arms to tone up and look fabulous! Do you see a pattern this week? You have 1 hour to complete the following; 100 pushup (wall, female, or traditional), 100 bicep curls each arm, 100 overhead tricep extensions, 100 tricep kickbacks, 100 french presses, 100 forearm curls, 100 chest flys,  and 100 shoulder presses. See this website for an explaination of most. *Modifications: Split challenge into any intreval necessary to complete. You may use what ever weight that you see fit to complete. Remember that you can make homemade weights with old water bottles filled with water or sand.  As always do not participate in any challenge that is unsafe for you and substitute when necessary.

Challenge #4: Relax those Muscle- The last 3 challenge were bound to make you sore in places you forgot you had, so today I want you to relax. Find some nice soft music and do yoga or pilates. You can throw in any poses or moves that you like and just relax. Spend at least an hour today doing these moves. Throw in some great stretches and be kind to your body. You can do moves by memory, dvd, internet, or even make up your own. Today is all about feeling good. *Modifications: None, this challnenge can be a hard or easy as you make it. Suggestion: take a nice long bath afterward or lay out in the sun for a few afterward- just breathe and relax.

Challege #5: Cardio Kick- So I let you relax, now I want you to kick it back up. Today I want you to do cardio until you drop! Choose your poison today running, jogging, biking, elliptical, swimming- you name it! Just get your heart rate up and pump it out! Today you are challenged to do TWO one hour sessions of cardio! This challenge might not have all the frills of some of our previous challenges but, all the same it should kick your ass today. Don’t hold back and give it your all! There will be sweat, there may be blood! *Modifications: If need be split your 2 one hour sessions into what ever intrevals suit your needs. Do not participate if it is medicall unsafe for you to do so.

Remember that you may subsitutes moves and challenges when necessary. You may go back to previous weeks if there is not a challenge that is suitable for you this week. Good luck girls!

PS: During this week I want you to submit any challenge ideas you may have and they may be included in nexts weeks set!



Continue to scroll down for week two challenge list.

Mismichelle– SW: 155.9, CW: 153.6, Loss: -2.3, BMI: 24.5, CBMI: 24.1, Loss: – .4, Plan: Yes

Didibuttonsley– SW: 200.0, CW: 200.0, Loss: -0.0, BMI: 31.3, CBMI: 31.3, Loss: -0, Plan: Yes

Jelbelle– SW: 174.0, CW: 172.0, Loss: -3.0, BMI: 29, CBMI: 28.6, Loss: -.4, Plan: Yes

Gertiev– SW: 161.0, CW: 160.0, Loss: -1.0, BMI: 28, CMBI: 28, Loss: -0, Plan: 70%-Yes

Brseay– SW: 201.0, CW: 195.6, Loss: -5.4, BMI: 32.4, CBMI: 31.4, Loss: -1.0, Plan: Yes

Pepagirl– SW: 158.0, CW: 155.0, Loss: -3.0, BMI: 28, CBMI: 27.5, Loss: – .5, Plan: Yes

Goodnuff– SW: 288.4, CW: 287.8, Loss: -.06, BMI: 48, CBMI: 47.9, Loss: -.1, Plan: No

Jitterfish– SW: 211.2, CW: 205.0 , Loss: -6.1 , BMI: 36.1, CBMI: 35 , Loss: -1.1 , Plan: Yes

Elliehastings– SW: 270.8, CW: 270.8, Loss: -0.0, BMI: TBA, CBMI: TBA, Loss: -0, Plan: Yes

Afatgirlinflats- SW: 208, CW: 203.5, Loss: -4.5, BMI: 33.6, CBMI: 32.8, Loss: -.8 , Plan: Yes

Jessiemazone– SW: 239, CW: , Loss: – , BMI: 38, CBMI: , Loss: – , Plan:



*I have decided to extend the deadline for getting me your results, the old deadline was each Sunday by 11:59EST. Now I will allow results to be entered no later than 2:00pm Monday afternoon(s) after the challenge week has ended. I realize it might be hard for everyone to post with only a 24hr window, so I hope this helps. Remember to include the weight that you weigh in on that Sunday though, as well as your current BMI, and if you stayed on plan diet wise for that previous week. A yes or no answer is fine. No waist measurements are required until the very last weigh in on July 10th. Participants that do not get results in by this time will be eliminated from the challenge. (Although if this happens you can still play along, you just won’t be able to officially win.)

I hope that everyone has made it a great week! I am excited to post our first weeks results once everyone has gotten them in. Are you pumped for your next round of challenges? I won’t lie, they will become more difficult as the weeks go by!

Challenge #1: Run for your life!- The great Zombie apocalypse has arrived, will you survive? This one is going to be kinda cheesy and I’m sure you are all gonna feel like idiots doing it, but I’m making you anyway *Mwaha ha ha ha! Zombies are chasing you so you need to run as fast as you can to get away from them and the farther the better! But, oh no, they have caught you! Now you have to fight them off with your best boxing, karate, or ufc fighting moves! To complete this challenge and survive the zombies you need to run (with everthing you’ve got!) for a half hour. Then you will need to kill your zombies by fighting them for an additional half hour! You can do this at home or in the gym, I suggest that you kill your zombies indoors to avoid puzzling stares from your neighbors though… Modifications: If you can not complete a sustained run for a half hour you may jog or do combination of running and walking in whatever interavals suit your needs. If you do not have access to a punching bag or “fighting equipment” then just do air kicks and punches and practice your moves. Remember though to fight fiercely, these are zombies here!

Challenge #2: 100 Baskets- This challenge might seem easy to some and will best be accomplished if you can have a friend play with you. You need to go to a basketball court and shoot 100 baskets before being able ,to stop. You may play with a friend against eachother or if you have to play alone, you must dribble the ball around the court in between each basket attempt. If you cannot complete 100 baskets in less than 1 and a half hours (1.5hrs), then you may end the challenge. Modifications: If you have no access to basketball equipment then you are authorized to substitute this challenge with any other challenge from this week to complete twice.

Challenge #3: Just Dance!- I hope you guys can have a lot of fun with this one! I want you to pick an upbeat song that you really like and create a dance for it! You can spend as much time as you want on this challenge, but the total amount of activity must equal at least 1 hour. I suggest hip hop or pop music to do this to, to ensure that you have a good cardio workout. If you can and are willing to video of your dance and post it online that would be great to show off, huh? Not required though, lol. Remember to include floor moves, kicks, and any fast movement to get your heart pumping. Modifications: None. As this challenge can be as easy or hard as you make it.

Challenge #4: Stairway to Heaven- Today I want you to climb to heaven, although by time you are done you might think you went somewhere south! You’re probably going to get bored on this one, but it will be a great workout for you lower body and should be some great cardio too. You need to find a staircase or stairmaster machine and climb stairs for one hour today. You may do this at home, the gym, a stadium, park, hospital, etc- anywhere there are stairs. Don’t over do it, but don’t lollygag up and down them either! Modifications: You may break this challenge up to any increments that suit your needs. 10 minutes at a time, 6 times, etc. If you are concerned for your knees, you may complete 1000 step ups on a step board instead, also with any increment you need.

Challenge #5: Highway to Hell- For this challenge you need a bike or exercise bike. I need you to bike 6 miles in 36 minutes today. This may be accomplished on the open road or in the gym. For those of you wondering, this is a constant speed of 10mph to complete this challenge. Modifications: You may use other equipement to complete this challenge if necessary- treadmill, walking, elliptical, etc. If the time constraints are too much then take as much time as you need to complete the 6 miles. If you are unable to complete this challenge you may substitute it for any of last weeks challenges.

Good luck ladies and please remember to modify when necessary! We don’t want anyone doing anything that my be harmful in their current level of fitness. As always if you have any questions drop me a comment.



*Additional update: Welcome afatgirlinflats, I have added you to the list of participants. If you have a blog please leave me a link to it so we can keep in touch. Also let me know if you want me list you under a different name for the challenge and I will edit.

*UPDATE: Challenge now closed to all new participants. Good luck to all our lovely ladies who signed up to slam down the pounds!

Starting Statistics for All Contestants:

Mismichelle– SW: 155.9, BMI: 24.5, Plan: Weight Watchers, Waist: 33.25

Didibuttonsley– SW: 200.0, BMI: 31.3, Plan: Salads everyday, Waist: 42.00

Jelbelle– SW: 174.0, BMI: 29, Plan: Fat Smashers, Waist: 30.00

Gertiev– SW: 161.0, BMI: 28, Plan: Weight Watchers, Waist: 34.00

Brseay– SW: 201.0, BMI: 32.4, Plan: Weight Watchers, Waist: 47.00

Pepagirl– SW: 158.0, BMI: 28, Plan: Calorie Counting, Waist: 34.00

Goodnuff– SW: 288.4, BMI: 48, Plan: Weight Watchers, Waist: 53.00

Jitterfish– SW: 211.2, BMI: 36.1, Plan: Calorie Counting, Waist: 51.60

Elliehastings– SW: 270.8, BMI: TBA, Plan: Low Carb, Waist: 44.00

Afatgirlinflats- SW: 208, BMI: 33.6, Plan: Weight Watchers, Waist: 38.00

Jessiemazone– SW: 239, BMI: 38, Plan: Meal Plan+ Calories, Waist: TBA


*Reminder, there are five days of activity here because I would like you to choose 2 days out of the week to rest. You may participate in any challege on what ever day you like, there is no order.

#1 1000lb Lift Off!- The goal of this challenge is to lift 1000lbs today! Can you muster the strength to lift an elephant? I’ll bet you can! This challenge will be most easily accomplished by those with access to a gym, but you can do it at home too. Over the course of the day I want you to lift, by any means necessary, 1000lbs. You can do this with you arms, legs, or a combination of both. For example if you can do 10lb bicep curls on each arm then you would need to do 50 curls on each arm through out the day. If you don’t own any weights, then try filling empty bottles with water, then weigh yourself without them on the scale and then with them. Viola! You have your own personal weights! Another way to do this is to place the weights behind your knees while on on you hands and knees and do backward leg lifts. *Modifications, if you are unable to complete this challenge safely the modification is to do 1000 “body lifts”. Example, lifting your legs or arms 90degrees+ 1000 different times. Please remember to do this over the course of an entire day, not all at once!

#2 Body Bootcamp!- Today is all about a bootcamp style workout! Today we are doing 100 (not a thousand, lol) of each exercise listed. Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbers, wall sits, and chair dips! If you are unsure how to complete any of the listed exercises all you have to do is search them and you should easily find an explanation. You may break these up into any amount of reps and sets that you need to, to complete them.  To calculate the wall-sit, I want you to count to 100 mississippi. If you have to break this up into as many mississippi’s as you need. *Modifications, if you are unable to complete any of these exercises they may be modified to suit your needs. Medically if this challenge is unsafe for you, then you may change the counts to what is appropriate for you. Crunches or sidebends may be substituted for sit-ups, female push-ups or wall push-ups are substitutes for regular push-ups. Mountain climbers can be substituted by running suicides (if you have a large enough area to accomplish this in). I cannot think of good substitutes for wall sits or chair dips, but if you need to modify go right ahead.

#3 1 Hour Showdown!- This time I want you to race! You have one hour to complete as many miles as you can! You have the option to run, walk, bike, swim, or elliptical for this challenge. Since you have 1 hour, I expect everyone to go at least a mile- even the walkers. Whatever activity you choose though, you MUST continue for the entire hour. You may do a combination of any if you like, but they must be done continuously for one hour. *Modifications, if you are medicaly unable to continue for a full hour at any of these activites, then you may break your challenge into smaller groups.

#4 Watch TV!- Ok, it’s not what you think! Anyone have some old exercise videos and a vcr still laying around? Go and get them now! I want you to pick out one of the exercise videos that have been collecting dust for years now and do it! Do it TWICE! Once in the morning, once in the evening! Don’t cha want to sweat to the oldies today? Or workout with Cindy Crawford? *Modifications, if you do not own tapes and a vcr, dvds are acceptable. If you don’t own any exercise shows then you are authorized to look up a program online to follow. Or head to a thrift shop and pick one up cheap.

#5 Just Keep Swimming!- This challenge is to get you tired and I mean tired! I don’t think most of us use swimming as an exercise as often as we should. You utilize so many muscles in the water that it is great for toning. Today I want you to go to the beach, the pool, or lake and swim for at least one hour. Laps are preferable, but if that is not possible- such as in the ocean current, then general swimming around is acceptable. *Modifications, if you cannot swim or don’t have access to water then you may repeat any of the other challenges for this week.

Good luck girls! Remember, don’t participate in any challenge that is unsafe for you and please modify if necessary! Also, as stated before, completing challenges is not required to win, but we are on an honor system here to get our bodies moving. You will not be required to list your accomplishments, but you may at any time post about what you have done and how things are going.

 After this week is over, remember that I need you new BMI and Weight, and a yes or no as to if you stayed on your diet plan for the week next Sunday the 17th. Please remind me if I have forgotton to include any information or if you have any questions. I will do my very best to check my page daily for any comments you may have. Now start SLAMMING DOWN THOSE POUNDS!


goodnuff says 19th June @ 11:46

CW:287.8 CBMI:47.9 ON PLAN: NO

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