Befores & Afters…

The Absolute Before Pictures

February 2006 – December 2006

















Current Pictures

















 The Progress Pictures







March 1st, 2011

Approx. weight 173.0 lbs









June 1st, 2011

Wieght: 160.8 lbs



lissaweigh says 21st September @ 0:36

Beautiful! 🙂 What a cute nephew. I think of and call my besties sons’ my nephews too. And her new baby, a girl finally, is my new niece. We met in 9th grade so after 15 years or so we are more family than some of our “real” family.

goodnuff says 14th February @ 1:53

What is your definition of soon?

jitterfish says 15th February @ 2:52

Where are the photos, I wanted to peek on ya

ferumbras says 5th June @ 22:52

Hot stuff! Well done!

coloradochikk says 19th June @ 4:19

Good job!

fitme says 28th June @ 8:05

You look fantastic!! Congratulations!!

mrssparklingpersonality says 11th January @ 13:00

You are looking like a hot mama! You can really see a difference in your abs & legs! You go, girl! 🙂

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