Hectic few days!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, but we have so much going on right now! I feel like all the days have been scheduled so full that I barely have anytime to sit down and take care of myself lately. I would usually relish having so many activities, but it really makes blogging and squeezing in my exercises a chore. As most of you have been expectantly waiting on my new changes to take effect (pictures, measurements, etc.) I feel bad for being so behind, but I truly haven’t had time to sit down and take care of it. I want to kick things off full steam for March, but if that doesn’t happen, you can surely expect me to have things ready once DH leaves towards the end of March. I’ve been doing pretty good maintaining and getting in activity, so even though the trains not moving at a fast clip yet, at least it’s rolling.

Tomorrow DH wants to go on a low carb diet to help him lose a few pounds before he leaves, so I am going to temporarily switch with him to keep our food costs down. It’s ridiculous how much money it takes to eat healthy compared to eating crap, it’s like they want us to stay fat! Well, I have to cut this short and run now b/c DH and I are about to watch a movie. Love you guys and all you do to keep me sane! Let’s all kick ass this week! PS: I PROMISE that I will be more active with the blogs soon, I feel like I’ve neglected commenting on a bunch of your posts, but I am reading them as I get a minute here and there. Good luck chickies and good night!


garnetrising says 28th February @ 14:06

I know exactly what you mean. I spend about as much a week on groceries for myself as I did for a week when both Philip and I were here because of all the stuff I buy fresh and the stables that I’m having to buy in order to cook my new meals from scratch. That being said, though, eventually it starts to settle out. I know this cause the first few weeks, I was spending about $20 more than before Philip left and the last couple of weeks, MY groceries have been about $20-$30 less. I stress the my because I have to buy dog & cat food/treats probably every other week and that’ll add a good $30 if I’m buy kibble, meat, AND treats that week. Believe me, you have no idea how fast four 50+ lbs dogs go through a 40 lb back of dog food. XD But to be fair, I wouldn’t have it any other way, LOL!

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