I feel like I haven’t blogged in years lol! I am over my sickness as of Friday yay, but now I have such stuffy ears that my equillibrium is all off. I can’t win for losing, lol. Anyways, on Thursday DH and I drive to Washington, DC to have a mini trip for his Bday/ our wedding anniversary and we had an awesome time! I wish Jelbelle’s challenge had started on the 17th because I could have got an extra 300 points for all the walking we did! We walked everywhere and I got some awesome pictures! We took a shuttle from our hotel and got out at the National Mall (at the Washington Monument) and walked from there to the Lincoln Memorial to the Vietnam Wall, to the White House, to the Jefferson Memorial, to the FDR Memorial Park, to the Korean War Memorial. After this (which took about 5 hours) DH was so tired that he wanted to get a taxi back to the hotel! The next day we walked 6 blocks to the metro station and took the subway to the Smithsonians and walked from around 11am until 8pm exploring the Natural History museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the American History Museum; then we walked back to the metro, to the hotel, and drove home. It was a blast and we made a lot of really cool memories.

On Saturday (DH’s birthday) we went to a movie, went miniature golfing, out to dinner, and had a ton of fun. On Sunday we relaxed and stayed at the house most of the day- except to get our taxes done. Then I left my purse there and freaked out until the next morning when they opened so I could get it back. It was fine and everything was intact thank goodness! On Monday we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary by going out to dinner, exchanging gifts, and getting my car’s annual maintenance done (lol). DH got me a beautiful diamond heart necklace and chocolates of course.

We had a blast and I wouldn’t take any of it back, even though eating has been horrible. I have not been on plan since last Tuesday (with the exception of Sunday that we spent at home) and other than all the walking in DC, I haven’t exercised either. I was going to go to the gym this morning, but they closed early for scheduled maintenance and I didn’t know about it. I thought about going for a walk but it’s really cold and windy outside today for some reason. I think I’ll try to do some indoor video or make up my own routine. Eating was horrible all weekend with cake and fast food because of the trip, so I really have to make up some lost ground. Still not scale in the house either, but I used one of those bathroom scales in DC that costs 50 cents and it weighed me at 176 clothed, so I guess that I’m around 173, which is up from the last time I weighed about 3 weeks ago. It’s dissapointing, but I’m not suprised and I’m not going to waste time worrying about it. Celebrations are over now and I don’t have any excuses to not do the right thing. We have about 3 weeks until DH leaves now… which reminds me, do any of you use a netbook as your computer? I wanted to get DH a netbook just to use the internet while over there for email and a webcam, but the sales guy at bestbuy talked me out of it saying that they are really slow. I want to know if a netbook would support webcam or occasional pictures or video and not be a waste of money. His laptop is ancient and it, for example, is not even fast enough to play youtube video’s so I know it won’t support a webcam.

I guess that’s all that I really have to say right now, I want to keep rambling on about my plan and goals, but I think right now I just want to sit back and catch up on all of your blogs. Good luck this week to all and good luck to me too! 🙂



 Me in front of the White House

Pic 1: The Capitol building from the Naitonal Mall, Pic 2: Me in front of the White House


Joy says 23rd February @ 6:35

It sounds like you had a great trip and a wonderful weekend. That is nice 🙂
Those are some great pics as well.


goodnuff says 24th February @ 0:09

Sounds like a blast. I am glad you had so much fun and who cares about the food, sounds like you walked enough to melt all of those extra calories away. Nice pic of you, at least now you have a current picture up…soon must have arrived.

garnetrising says 25th February @ 10:23

If soon’s arrived, then does that mean that hell froze over? Seriously though, you look like you had fun and at this point in time, having fun and being together is totally what matters the most. I’m glad you’re back though and you should be proud that you jumped right back into things, especially since we’re knee-deep in this Mardi Gras madness. ^^

didibuttonsley says 25th February @ 18:21

Glad to hear that you had a great time. At least you walked around a bunch, and burned off tons of calories that way. It’s good to have you back around and competing in the mardi gras mad rush.

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