Thanks everybody, I just got on for the first time since I wrote my last post and I gotta say you guys have made me feel hella better. I don’t have time to write a lot right now b/c we are about to go out for the Anniversary and get our taxes done, but I just wanted to say thanks to everybody. I have tons to write about since last time, trip to DC and a lot more. I will be back by Tuesday morning at the latest! Love all you guys! -Pepa or Pepe, lol


jelbelle says 20th February @ 14:44

Okay!! Thanks for letting me know pep =) that’s no problem! I hope your celebrations go well!! HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND YOUR DH!!

angela says 21st February @ 18:58

Hope you’re feeling much better! Have a wonderful bday….
taxes=yuck..still gotta do mine 😛

jitterfish says 21st February @ 19:21

Glad to hear from you, I was thinking you must be really sick. I would send chicken soup but by the time it got to the US I’m pretty sure it would be so rancid you’d just end up way sicker 😉

goodnuff says 24th February @ 0:03


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