Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been terribly sick with a virus and can’t stop coughing and just feel like a big pile of doo doo. I probably got sick at the gym, seeing as how I haven’t been anywhere else. It so sucks, I was doing really good all last week (even burned 1900 calories one day) and then I woke up with that “a semi truck just ran me over feeling” and I’ve not done anything but eat, sleep, and lay on the couch since Saturday. I feel like all my progress has faded even though it’s only been a few days and it’s really discouraging. I haven’t felt like moving so DH has been cooking or bringing me food home and with this sore throat I have had over my share over frozen treats to soothe it.  I am starting to feel a little better today, so hopefully it will all be over tomorrow. I hate the feeling of making excuses, I just feel like anytime I have a fail like this that am I just doing it and I hate it. I know that I even had the plan in my head all along that even if I was only able to maintain until DH leaves that is the ok, but I wanted so badly to lose and get a head start. I’m not saying I should give up, but I wonder if mentally I would be better off not getting my hopes up- just to focus on maintenace until the time comes. I am really looking foward to the start of Jelbelle’s challenge because it doesn’t focus on weight loss, but activities too.

In other news, DH took leave and he has from tomorrow through Monday off! His birthday is on Friday and our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary is on Monday! I suspect that I probably won’t be on here much until leave is over since this will be our last realy chance to spend time together. I will probably have horrible food choices for Bday and ANN. and I plan to not let it get me down- I am tired of beating myself up. If I am back above the weather tomorrow we are supposed to take a getaway trip to DC and see all the sights. I hope that all the walking will cancel out the fact that I’ll probably have to eat off plan food.

I guess that’s really all I have to say right now. I will get around to updating my pictures as soon as I get a chance. And please everyone hang in here with me until I can get my WL efforts back on track for real. Thanks everyone for all the support!


Lee lee says 16th February @ 12:43


jitterfish says 16th February @ 16:37

Looking after your health is most important. If you try to push and exercise when you’re sick you are likely to just make your sickness last longer. You aren’t making excuses, it is an actual reason! I hope you feel better, esp for spending time with DH

angela says 16th February @ 17:50

Big hugs! Being sick sucks a**! The most important thing is for you to rest and take it easy…I know this is frustrating and you feel like you are ‘falling behind’ but it’s what your body is telling you. Are you taking a multivitamin?? When I was at my lowest weight (140) I became very sick over that year…(stomach flu twice and strep throat twice). I am thinking that my immune system was down because those were the only times I’ve gotten sick in my 7 years of working in childcare (except for common cold/sore throat).

I hope you have a lovely birthday and anniversary. Remember that it is okay to enjoy these special holidays..they don’t happen every day!

Hope you’re feeling much better tomorrow!!

jelbelle says 17th February @ 0:27

Aw pep 🙁 I hope you do feel better soon! Like right now! We need you big and strong for the challenge!! I’m really happy you’re still planning on doing the challenge =) you’ll do fine. And it’s not a bad thing to have high hopes. But you need to be confident in yourself or you will fall short. Being disappointed in yourself is a terrible feeling, and it should be good motivation to try and live up to your own expectations. Do what you can do, but don’t shoot low, because you’re much better than that, and you CAN do it!

goodnuff says 17th February @ 13:40

Hang in there kiddo! We love us some Pepe whether she’s maintaining, losing or having a back slide. Enjoy hubbie’s leave and Happy Anniversary!

goodnuff says 17th February @ 13:41

Oops, you should edit that so it says Pepa cuz I have no idea who the hell Pepe is?!

didibuttonsley says 17th February @ 18:52

Pepa, you were my first bloggie buddy on this website. When I first started blogging in late August I wasn’t even all that serious about my weight loss. It took me until about five weeks ago to really get cracking, but you hung around and encouraged me anyway. You encourage A LOT of people on this site, so if you need a little time to get back on track don’t beat yourself up about it. We’re all going to be here cheering you on, because that’s what you do for us!!!

sunnydaze says 18th February @ 11:19

Feel better girl! Have a great weekend celebrating! 😀

eileen2blean says 21st February @ 1:12

Wow, sounds like we had the exact same sickness! I sure hope you’re feeling much better by now!!!

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