Go an invest in one right now! I wish I had, doh! I’m using a very kind of my DH’s laptop right now. I just wanted to let all my girls know that I am indeed alive and have not abandoned my blog or weight loss attempts. We are gonna get me a shiny new laptop for Christmas this year, not what was originally on my list, but now I don’t have much choice- I miss my internet and all my buddies too much! Plus, no use paying for the web, with no way to use it or cancel our two year agreement! I’m tihnking DH is gonna give it to me early, so lets hope we have the money by next pay day (15th) and I can get with you girls then before Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we did, but I admit I ate and have not weighed and don’t plan to until the leftovers are gone. I’m not gonna stress though, because let’s face it, I’m the bomb and I’ll be good in no time. I haven’t went to the gym as much lately, so that sucks, but I’m still in this and have been maintaining these last couple of weeks. I feel truly horrible that I haven’t been able to participate in the challenge and losing my dear friend “lappy toppy”, has definitely played a part in me not being as motivated. I need the accountability and without being able to log in everyday and check on everyone, it really hasn’t been easy. I hope you guys forgive me! I miss you!

Well I should give this guys laptop back now, but I will get back with you girls as soon as we get back up and running. Or if I can steal someone’s computer again. Hopefully soon! ~Pepa

Hey girls, sorry I haven’t posted/ read blogs the last couple days. I am trying to take care of a lot of house hold chores and planning stuff for the holidays. I got my shopping and shipping done for everyone except my DH, so that takes a big load off. I should be back in full force on Friday, but tomorrow I still have a lot of stuff to take care of. I find that unfortunatly for all my bloggy buddies, when I turn on the internet I get distracted and the time just flies leaving me with nothing done. So I probably won’t even log in tomorrow until I get all my stuff taken care of. Diet has been OP, but I took yesterday and today off from the gym. The weight is still fluctuating again, but like I said in my last post- as long as it is going down, however slowly, I’ll learn to deal. More than anything my body is losing inches and I can see and feel that so I’m cool. If I weighed 200lbs, but fit in a 6, that’d be ok with me. Hope everyone is doing ok, I better log off now before I get distracted again! I still have miles to go before I sleep tonight. Good night girls!

PS: Lol, just noticed there is a new blog called, THE diary of a mad fat woman, so don’t get confused! I am your one and only Pepa!

Good afternoon all, I want to start today by saying thank you to all of the wonderful people that have been leaving me such positive comments. I really appreciate all the things that you have to say. As you can see my wacky weight limbo dance has started again. I am up 1.2 pounds from Saturday. I am ok with it though, as long as that limbo keeps heading down in the long run I guess I can learn to deal. So my next goal weigh in for the November challenge is to be at 157 by this Sunday. I can do it, I know I can. I am going to the gym today and plan on working my ass off! I went to the gym yesterday and did 70 minutes on the elliptical for 650 calories, then I came home and ran on the treadmill for 17 minutes for 160 calories. I ran a mile in 16;40, it was sooo hard! I don’t know why, but no matter what, running is extremely hard for me. I m getting better though, because the last time I actually timed a mile I was doing it in a little over 20 minutes. I burned an extra 810 calories yesterday! Wow, and you know what? It felt natural, like I wa supposed to be doing it! Diet was OP yesterday too, I had a Fiber poptart, potato soup, 2 granola bars, and a deli sandwich. 

Today I have a ton on my to do list, but I am learning to let it go sometimes and focus on my exercising more and more. I need to jump off here and get started for the day with all my stuff that’s clattering around in my brain. Let’s make it a great day and I am hoping to see 160 or lower again tomorrow!

Greetings all, I would have posted yesterday, but our maintenance department decided to have a scheduled power outage and chose not inform us. Don’t you love that? So after we came home last night to no power I called only to find out it would be off until noon today. I’m glad that no one in my house has urgent medical needs to have equipment powered or I guess we would have been shelling out for a motel. The resident office is going to hear from me on Monday about this; and they never came by to change our HVAC filter or smoke detectors either after they left a notice of entry saying they would between 8a-5p between Wednesday and Friday. My poor kitties were locked up all week for no reason!

Yesterday was pretty nice, DH and I went to the mall and worked on some Christmas shopping. I bought him a PS3 because he has been dying for one since they came out two years ago! He’s “testing” it out now, somehow I have a feeling it won’t end up wrapped under the tree! We also went out to dinner and a movie- which was my reward for making 160.0 this week. We went to applebee’s and I got one of the under 550 calorie meals, but we got an appetizer too and I ate some of it. So today I’m not going to weigh myself because I know that I am bloated from salt and I’m not going to put myself through looking at a gain just because of water and salt. I didn’t drink near enough yesterday, so today I am going to water load and hopefully pee it all out before tomorrow. Even with the appetizer my calories were good for the day so I’m not even worried at all. We went to see For Colored Girls at the movies and it was a very heart-wrenching dramatic film. A true chick-flick for sure and I warn you, if you go see it, it WILL disturb you. But, I think it was an amazing movie at the same time, but again, very disturbing.

I took a rest day from the gym yesterday, but as soon as I get off the computer I am going today. I can say something very wonderful, I have really noticed now that my clothes are fitting better. Last night I wore some pants that fit but were always tight and now they fit just right. I also wore a shirt that I bought when I got down to my smallest last time and I didn’t feel “melted and poured” into it. Good things are on the horizon, I just have to keep pushing, we all do. If I can keep up my diet and continue going to the gym like I have been, my goal for the month should come. I have to admit, when I first started the challenge and took on the 12 pound goal for loss, I was thinking to myself, “Wow, this will be SO hard IF I can make it.” and now I don’t really feel that way. I just have to stay focused and positive. At this point at 160.2 as my challenge weigh in, I am right on track for the month to lose the 12 pounds. Only 9.2 more to go and 23 days to get it done in. That’s .4 per day, 2.8 per week, or a deficit of 1400 calories per day. I’m right on track and it’s gonna be great. Wish me luck this week and good luck to all my girls!

Yes, yes, yes! Down another 1.2 pounds today! I’m supposed to be watching a movie with DH right now, so I gotta make this short. Yesterday I went to the gym and burned around 600 calories again. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, 30 on the bike, and half the reps I normally do on all the strength training machines. I had an awful pain while I was on the elliptical and I contemplated getting off, but it went away pretty quickly thank God! My left ovary must be in play this cycle because that’s exactly where the pain was, stupid TOM. It was like I could feel the egg rip right out of me! Diet was OP yesterday, I ate cereal w/ FF milk, SF fudge pop, potato soup, and yogurt. I hope these pounds keep flying off, but at this point I’m still nervous for one of those limbo moments, but I’ll be hoping to at least maintain the 160 for tomorrow or lose would always be nice! I guess that’s all, if you haven’t figured it out my posts/ updates are one day behind, so I am giving you guys the day before’s activities. If anything really exciting happens though, I’ll just post twice. Hoping for a great day tomorrow and good luck all my chickies!

Yah! Yah! :dance: :dance: :dance: !!! I think, I hope, I pray, that this plateau/gain session is finally over! I am down 3.2 pounds today! I was peeing uncontrollably yesterday, so I wonder if my body finally got the hint that I wasn’t gonna let it get dehyrated? So everyone that is in the Jel diPep Challenge, today marks the first offcial loss, because I’m using 163 Halloween weight for the challenge! I am in this now and those other 10.2 pounds are gonna be gone by the end of the month!!! TOWANDA I am FEELING IT!!!

Yesterday I went to the gym; did 10 minutes on the bike for 110 calories, 30 minutes on the elliptical for 272 calories, and all the strength machines for about 30 minutes. Diet was OP, I had FF cottage cheese w/ toast, LF popcorn, progresso soup, and a protein bar.

I plan on going again today for cardio, but I gotta admit, it’s gonna be a pain to get me there today. I need to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things, go to the bank, and then come back here to change and go to the gym. I also need to put up the Thanksgiving decorations and pack away the Halloween (which is sitting on my kitchen table) and there is supposed to be a maintence thing here today, so I’m supposed to lock my poor cats up in a cage if I leave the house. As if my sweet babies would attack the guy? Yeah they might rub his leg to death! Plus TOM is really cramping today and I’ve got that lovely feeling in my rear that kinda feels like constipation from the contactions down there. So again, going to the gym will be a challenge, but I am going to make myself go, I can’t stop now!

Good luck ladies and I’m hoping for another loss tomorrow!

Yesterday was a great day over all. I went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the elliptical for 473 calories, 30 minutes on the bike for 142, and a very light session of strength training at around 20 minutes. I normally only do 30 minutes on the elliptical, but there was a 20 minute spot available before my scheduled time and the guy told me I could go ahead and get on, so I milked it! It felt so good to know that I burned over 600 calories! Diet was ok, although I had a small slip up. I had FF cottage cheese w/ toast, broccoli & potato soup, chili w/ beans & a baked potato w/ FF sour cream & cheese, then DH brought home ice cream from Cold Stone and I ate that! Oh well, my calories were still not that bad for ice cream though, I was under 2300, which is maintenance calories for my weight, so it’s all good! I definitely won’t have any little indulgences today! So today the scale was back down .8 lbs, so that makes me happy! I’m praying that tomorrow it will be under 163, that way I can really get pushing in this challenge. I know I could start with the 165.2 weight, but I want to REALLY do this and 163 was my Halloween weigh in, so I’m sticking to it.

I’m gonna go to the gym again today and I really want to swim today, so I’m going to pack up the suit, towel, and shampoo & conditioner and brave the cold. Maybe I should pack some sweats to throw on after the pool to keep warm? I think I will.

Yesterday went very well, I am newly revitalized with focus after all the New November goals and challenges! I ate OP and went to the gym. For the month of November I am making a few blogging changes as well. I used to keep a food log (up there at top) but I stopped that after vacation. I have realized that it’s hard for me to keep it up because it takes time, so I think I’ll just post here what I’ve eaten with my daily updates. Also, I am going to post my weight everyday, so I can really keep track of fluctuations and you guys can see what my crazy number are doing. Just like this morning- up 2.2 lbs from yesterday. Why? Well TOM just came yesterday, so I hope its that. Diet yesterday, FF cottage cheese w/ toast, healthy choice french bread pizza, broccoli & potato soup. Gym, 30 minutes elliptical for 292 calories, 30 minutes bike for 212 calories, & 30 minutes strength training.

Today I am going to the gym, taking down the Halloween decorations and storing them, pulling out the Thanksgiving decorations, cleaning the house, and watching The Biggest Loser. Well it’s almost 5pm here and if I’m watching TBL at 8pm I gotta get to the gym by 6pm, so I better get rolling with all my stuff.

Also, check out Jelbelles Horror Weight Loss Show blog (check my blogroll) if you are interested in the Jel diPep November Weight Loss Group Challenge!


A New November…

This month I am going to start a new plan, I still don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I have a few ideas. First the diet has to change, because something isn’t quite right or I would be losing a lot more weight than I have been the past month.

I went through my old food log from when I lost weight more successfully and what I see is that I was eating a lot of carbs and very low fat. So I think that’s the direction that I want to go now. Here’s a short list of some of the common things I ate day to day… cereal w/ FF milk, LF popcorn, sandwiches w/ lunch meat, granola bars, FF cottage cheese w/ toast, FF yogurt, salads no dressing, and the only meats I ate were chicken & tuna. I’d eat veggies with my dinners also and those were all kinds. The list of foods I was eating wasn’t extensive, so I need to re-learn to be ok with the same foods everyday. I think that I’m ready though because I have gotton to the point where I don’t really think anything tastes all that great anymore. For example DH order pizza last night after work and I ate a slice- I didn’t even like it! I would normally drool over take out pizza, not last night, I had no problem putting it down.

Next is the exercise, I want to make a few changes to my work out plan. I aim to do cardio everyday now, at least one hour every other day and half an hour on the other days. I’m also going to change up my strength training routine, I want to strength train every other day- probably on the days when I only do half hour of cardio. I’m also going to be more careful to not lift so much, I have heard that to tone the idea is fast repititions at lower than maxium weights. So I am going to start trying this method this month. I also want to go swimming in the pool at the gym more often. I really like swimming, but it just takes so long to change before and after, then add in the wet hair and cold weather. I have been avoiding it just because of the hassle. But, my plan is to swim at least twice a week so that I can get all those hard to reach muscles worked out while getting in some cardio.

I think that salt and meat may be an issue in why I’m not losing as fast. I have been eating a lot more protien/ meat than normal because people have told me that you need it after strength training and I think that my body doesn’t like this. I have noticed that I am not going number two as much either, even though I am drinking a gallon of water a day. I thought water was supposed to keep things moving down there? So I am going to eat less meat and more veggies and still drink my water every day. Before I drank a ton of diet soda and now I am only drinking water, I don’t know if this is making a difference or not- as I have always heard that diet soda can inhibit weight loss, so that’s why I stopped drinking it. We’ll see, if after all the changes I’m making this month I still don’t lose more, I will go back to diet soda.

I have noticed that with DH working so much, when I’m not at the gym or running errand, I don’t do too much other than clean the house. I think I am going to start walking at night again. I used to go for a walk around the neighborhood, maybe 30-40 minutes, and now I don’t do that. I’m also not working right now, so those extra calories aren’t getting burn from daily activity either.

Summary of Changes:

Eat less meat and more veggies and carbs.

Eat less salt.

Swim twice a week.

Fast repetition strength training every other day.

New cardio schedule- 1 hour then half hour rotating daily.

Begin walking 5 nights a week, while DH is at work.

So that’s my new plan, I’m going to need help sticking to this and really making sure that I push myself. My goal is to lose 13 pounds this month, which is 3 pounds a week. Goal for weekly weigh in is 160! Wish me luck and I KNOW I CAN DO THIS IF I PUT MY HEART INTO IT!!!