Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween and that we are all staying away from the treats! I have a lot going on, but I wanted to keep my word and do my offical weigh in. I weigh 163.0 pounds today.

Now for the struggle that I have been going through, I was at 164.0 before vacation, then after I was around 172ish. Which sucked! I re-started after vacation on the        October and I only got down a pound lower than before vacation now. I know some of that 172ish was water- it had to be because I know I didn’t eat enough calories in those 4 days to gain 8 solid pounds. I was at 160.8 two Sundays ago and was steadily losing, but then I gained, and it went back down, gained, stayed the same, etc. I’m not complaining too much because loss is loss, but I was doing great! Why did it have to stop, reverse and park? I am making it my goal to lose 13 pounds next month, it’s gonna be grueling, but I want to be at 150 by November 30th. Gotta lose 3lbs a week, I can do this, wish me luck!


Lonely Saturdays…

I have gotten used to hating the weekend ever since we got here. DH works ALL THE FRICKEN TIME and I am constantly trying to find ways to entertain myself. For example, he worked M thru F 2pm-12am, goes to bed around 3am, wakes up at 1pm, goes to work does it all again. So M thru F, (When he is SUPPOSED to work) I really don’t get to see him/ spend time with him. Then almost every weekend for the past 3 months, his squadron has had to work at least Saturday, if not Sunday too. If the whole squadron works, then he has the same hours as normal. On weekends when it is only one “section” (there are several different duty sections that they belong to, which determines when they have watches, exrta work, etc.) that is working, it has just so happened to be his section half the time. This weekend his “section” had to work at 7am this morning, after him not getting off til midnight last night, and now he has been up for 36+ hours so he went to bed. Tomorrow he has a watch from 8pm to 6am, so he will be sleeping all day, going to watch, then in bed for about 7 hours for regular work M afternoon. This same crap has been going on for months now and I am tired of it! I understand that military is a 24/7 job, yeah yeah, but NEVER has any command that he’s been at been so EFFed up that they didn’t leave their guys without SOME family time/ personal time. The conditions that he has been working in are downright unsafe with as little sleep as he gets and then add that to a half hour commute to work everyday. We have been out of the house together (on something other than errands) only 6 to 8 times since July the 13th- the day we moved in here. We are the kind of couple that used to go to a movie every weekend and out to dinner at least once a week. It’s even our Halloween tradition to go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze every year. We pick pumpkins and apples to make pies and eat farm fresh baked goods and drink apple cider. This year, we did nothing, and he won’t even be here to watch a scary movie with or give out candy tomorrow. Now, I sit here and wonder what to do, while DH sleeps or works… I just want to scream about it, ugh, had to rant all that crap out.

Good stuff for today; went to the gym, did my 440 calories on the cardio machines, skipped weights today. Still maintaining the same weight. Diet is OP. Oh and my official weigh in is tomorrow, sucks because I’m supposed to weigh 155, we’ll all see how well that works out. Maybe I’ll drag out my old nintendo and entertain myself with some Zelda…


No news is good news?

No news to report yet again. I took the last two days off from the gym and worked on my organization project at home. I completely finished the master bedroom and now all I have to do is my “junk room” and exercise/ quasi-storage room. I went to the gym today and burned my 400 on the elliptical and bike, then did all the strength training machines.

That’s all folks…

This morning scale is up 1.4lbs again today… WTF? I’m going to stick with this, but if by Thanksgiving things haven’t changed, I’m scrapping this plan and going back to what I know works for me. BTW, I finished my QT a few days ago- the first 7 days of taking it, I lost 8lbs. After that- nothing and still nothing. I’ve been working out and eating right consistently for over two weeks now. That’s all I have to say for now- puh!

I really haven’t had anything exciting or witty to post lately, as my life is completely boring right now. I went to the again today. I did 35 elliptical, 30 bike, and all the strength training machines. I’m really trying hard to turn the gym into a habit, maybe even one that I enjoy. I know I’m not there yet though because I still have to think about it everyday- should I go or should I do something else? The only other thing that I did today was watch The Biggest Loser and tidy up the house. Boring? Boring? Party of one- boring? Yeah that’s my new last name right now. DH and I were supposed to carve our pumpkns today and I couldn’t find the tools. The one thing I’ve been waiting to do for two weeks since I bought the things, and I can’t find the tools. Nice. Who knows when DH will have time again and Halloween is only 5 days away.

On the diet front, I weighed the same thing today as yesterday, still a +1.6lbs up from the number I saw 2 Sundays ago. Still pissed about it, I’ve never dieted/exercised this much in my life. Don’t really have anything else to say, here’s to hoping for a miracle on Halloween!


Today, Today…

This is me from Saturday night before the movies, just felt like posting a recent picture. Today when I weighed, I was down from yesterday morning. Don’t you hate it sometimes? I ate junk yesterday after being so good for so long, and now I lose a little! Gah, oh well. I’m still doing operation work my fat ass off at the gym today for being a pig yesterday. Let’s pray that tomorrow the scale will move down again and I’ll be through this awful gain/non-losing plateau. I’ll post some more later today after the work out.

UPDATE: I did the “work my fat ass off” guilt routine at the gym and now I’m very sleepy! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the bike, and all the strength machines.  Don’t think much else will be going on tonight, seeing as how I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Me thinks it’s early to bed tonight!


Good vs. Evil

The Good:

Went to the gym, did 30 minutes on the elliptical and all the strength training machines.

The Evil:

Woke up, still not losing any weight.

Cooked chicken parmesean with spaghetti & marinara, salad, and garlic bread for a dinner with friends- and ate it too.

Went to the movies and ate M&M’s.

Had an Oreo ice cream cake after the movie.


Things have really got me down lately with this BS that I’ve been blabbing about for the last week. I planned on eating the chicken parm. tonight because I knew I was making it, but I know it was terrible for me. I’m trying to justify it by knowing that I haven’t had a “cheat” meal since vacation, but deep down I still feel guilty about it; especially when you throw in my “non-losing/ gaining” fiasco. The M&M’s and ice cream were totally unplanned, they just happened. XD FML. Oh well, can’t un-do it now. Part of me is praying that I just needed to break the diet cycle to start losing again because I have had that happen befoe whenever I hit a plateau. My plan to rectify this is to go to the gym tomorrow and do 2 sessions on the elliptical and maybe even throw in the recmbent bike for good measure. At least the only other stuff I had to eat today was a yogurt and granola bar, so all in all, the calories weren’t totally outta control to the point of a binge, but still not good. Other than my misadventures of the day, nothing to report. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and staying far away from ice cream and chicken parm!




Still in a pissy mood about this stupid weight gain. I know that you all feel like I’m overreacting, but like I told DH last night, this has never happened to me before in all my dieting. At least in the past if I ever gained, I knew why and I deserved it. Like eating crap or retaining water. Not this time, the fat faerie must have wanted to pick on me for being so happy or something because this shit is ridiculous. I’m up 5 lbs from Sunday at this point- and I checked my weight on 3 different scales, so I know my scale isn’t broken. I’m down to one week to make my first big goal weight and I’ll be honest, If I don’t make it, I will be very upset because I was so close before all this BS started. *Stomps foot on the floor, screaming “IT’S NOT FAIR! IT’S NOT FAIR! IT’S NOT FAIR! WAH!!!!” * OK, maybe I feel a little better now. 🙂

Yesterday I barely made it to the gym in time to workout before closing. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical. I was going to go today, even got ready and then DH had a mini-crisis at work and I forgot that the gym closed at 5pm, and ended up talking to him until after 5pm. I always have plans to get all this stuff done and it seems like life just always gets in the way and screws things up. I woke up at 10am yesterday to run errands, go to the gym, clean the house, etc., and do you know what I did? Ran errands. I don’t even count the gym because I barely spent any time there- and no strength training.

So today, no gym because of DH mini-crisis, then he came home until just 5 minutes ago, so I spent the day sitting with him/ making dinner. Tomorrow he has a friend coming over and I’m making them dinner. I have a lot to do to get ready for this, this will be the first person that has been to our house period since we moved in and I want to make sure it’s perfect. I’m a crazy perfectionist, I’m the lady that has magazines on the coffee table and an air freshener in every corner. All the pillows must be arranged just so, and if there is one thing out of place, I won’t be satisfied. That’s me, crazy OCD lady- no use trying to change me, I like it this way deep down even if it does lead me to a stroke one day. Now I need to set up the dining room, fluff the sofa, vaccum, clean the guest bathroom to the point of spotlessness, and make sure all the other rooms in the house are spic and span too. “Why does your bedroom have to be clean?”, you ask. Well, because in my crazy OCD lady mind I think to myself that he might go to use the bathroom and accidently open the wrong door, then see the clothes on the floor and the bed unmade and realize that we’re heathens just like the rest of the world. I can’t have that, can I? 😉

PS: Due to overwhelming response, the fat clothes have been voted off the island. They are currently banished to a plastic tub that will be heading to my storage shed until I can muster the strength to actually give them away. I am a complete pack rat, it’s a disease I swear!


The happenings…

Sorry, I didn’t really get on the last day or post. I’ve been in a kinda boredom funk, where I was disgusted with the tv, lap top, and my other usual friends. I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning and organizing. Our closets are just horrible and still filled with full suitcases. I have been going through all of my clothes and trying them on. My clothes range in sizes from 6/S all the way up to 22/XXXL, so you can see I probably have quite a few things that could walk right out of my closet and make room for the good stuff. I’m becoming increasingly confused about my size/ weight loss as I go through all my clothes. I have certain items that I remember buying last time I got down to 155; some of them were still very tight as I remember, while some fit just right. In trying all these on, some seem to fit even better than I remember, while others don’t fit right… WTF? I know that my body composition could be different now, but it really leaves me wondering if my brain if effed up. Also, as I am pulling out old jeans, I can fit jeans ranging from size 6 all the way up to 14! The 6’s are very tight and the stretchy kind- but I have a pair of 9/10’s that I can remember JUST squeezing into at 155, that now I can’t get over my butt. What is going on with my body? It makes no sense that I can fit some of this stuff, but not all of it, especially when some fits even better. I’m also struggling with packing up some of my nicer big clothes, I have shirts that I could technically still wear if I modified them somehow. Like a really nice top that could be belted at the waist to make it appear smaller or some sleeveless tops that are too big, but if worn with a cardigan no one would be the wiser. I’ve always been one of those people that likes to wear clothes on the tighter side, so to some the things I have might still look the right size, but I like to show off what curves I have. Gah, I hope I can manage to make enough room to put the good stuff in there. I also have plenty of jeans that are way too big, but again, I struggle to get rid of them, thinking that one day maybe I can wear them to get dirty in or when we decide to have a baby. Maternity clothes are expensive!

In other news, I went to the gym yesterday- did 45 elliptical and all the strength machines. I’m still not losing and am getting pretty pissed because I’d at least like to get to where I was on Sunday- the lowest yet. I’m so damn mad at my body right now. I have been so good with the diet and exercise. Overall I’m doing better than ever before with the exercise and yet, gain. BAH!!! I want to go again today, but I have to admit morale is low and I’m gonna have to make myself get up and go there. I also need to complete some more work on my closet, I have about 5 hours before DH gets home to do this all in. The gym takes 2 on its own after I drive over there and then work out. Wish me luck!

PS: To Jel, Didi, & Goodnuff; sounds like a great idea. Keep me posted on what/when you guys are thinking. I might have a lot going on if DH gets deployed around that time, but lets just pray that he gets lucky and doesn’t have to go anywhere.










These are the measurements I have been occasionally logging on my Fit Day account. I just did new ones today, some of those I am very happy with like my bicep & thigh. But, I don’t get why the forearm, waist,  chest, and calf are what they are? Oh well, everyone loses differently.

I didn’t go to the gym today, because I ended up actually taking a nap- this is an oddity for me so I must have really needed it. Now I’m watching The Biggest Loser. I’m gonna do my bike at home though to still get in some cardio. Praying for those scales to go back down tomorrow. -pepagirl