Still Going Strong!

If anyone is out there that used to follow, I’m still writing on blogspot! Come check me out, life, weight loss, love and everything else all in one place!


Moved blogs again…

So I was at http://www.pepagirl.blogspot.com when I first left 3FC, but recently I got a smart phone and a google account and apparently things don’t like to transfer so easily through email address’ so now I am located at http://www.heatherrjohnson.blogspot.com so please follow on over and I’ll hope to see you soon! Promise I’m staying there for a while, no plans to leave ha ha.

I think I might be close to being back to full time blogging! I have written more in the last week than I have in quite some time. Check me out if you still follow or if you want to start following, new friends are great! http://www.pepagirl.blogspot.com Make sure to leave me a link to your blog if you visit so I can follow you too! Hope everyone at 3FC is doing well, it looks like the site problems over here might finally be fixed!



I haven’t put out a posting over here in a while now, but if anyone is still following me I have a lot of updated material on my new blog. http://www.pepagirl.blogspot.com Hope you are all doing well!


My latest weigh in woes… lol.

Is anyone on 3FC still reading? It seems like people are not updating blogs half as much as they used to, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the recent issues on here, but I am begging to wonder if I should bother posting updates over here at all.. Time will tell.

I have posted twice since the last time I dropped a link over here:

Weekly Weigh In 3 & Frustration & Mold.

Check me out at http://www.pepagirl.blogspot.com

I hope everyone in 3FC land is getting their blogs fixed! I can comment now, so I think mine is good to go!

I was able to post my first comment in weeks, so maybe 3fc is finally fixed? Who know’s? I am still alive and posting on blogger. http://www.pepagirl.blogspot.com I have enabled all comments over there so that visitors from here can now comment if you so choose. Good luck chickies!

Below is a link to a forum post where people are having commmenting and logging in issues. The 3FC Admin directs them to PM her their info and problem so they can look in to it for them. If you are having issues, check this forum post out. You have to be signed in to the forum (different sign up from blogs) to post.


I have my own assumptions as to why some are having issues while others are not. Maybe its internet explorer? I have been considering downloading firefox to test this, but I’m hesitant because I like explorer. I am also considering changing themes as a possible solution. We’ll see I guess, good luck ladies!

PS: Tried changing themes, did not help. I’m banking it’s the web browser…


Hey everybody please click the link to read my post to all of you having trouble blogging and commenting.