I had to create a new Chickie Award.  One that we really seem to need.

Seems like we all fall off the wagon now and then.  Even the strongest of us need to pick ourselves up now and then and get back in the fight.  But we do it.  Over and over again.  Never give up.  Never say Die.


You’re focused.  Controlled.  You’re in there for the long haul.  Let all those other people work out six hours a day and eat 300 calories.  That’s not your bag!  You’re in it for life.  Making those small changes that add up to big losses.  Day after day.  Hanging in there.  Sometimes, it must seem like no one notices but they do.  That’s why you got this Straight and Narrow Award!


The Just Do It Award!

The Just Do It Award is designed to motivate!  Having a tough time, Chickie?  Been off the wagon for a while?  Feeling used, abused and overwhelmed?  This award is just what you need to get you up on your feet!  There ain’t nothin you can’t do once you set your mind to it.  You’ve just gotta figure out what you need to do and then DO IT!  Come on, you know we’ve all been there and we’re all here for you now.  It may seem like you just can’t get back on track but we’re cheering you on.  Our mantra is heard around the world…”JUST DO IT, CHICKIE!”

Congratulations!  If you’ve received the Strut Yer Stuff Award, it’s because you’ve done some serious work and have reached some major milestones in order to get where you are!  Be proud!  Buy new clothes in new sizes and hold your head high!  Your work has paid off and will continue to pay off as long as you hold the line.  So… Go on.  Get a manicure AND a pedicure!  Buy some sexy undies!  Get a new hairdo and STRUT YER STUFF, you little Hottie!

The Go-Go Chick Award is given to those who make me feel exhausted just reading their posts!  “I have to get up at 4:00, work out on the rowing machine for an hour, breastfeed the baby, wake up the hubby and iron the kids clothes while I’m fixing them breakfast, take them to school and then head to the office where I do the work of twenty five people and eat lunch on the treadmill, come home and help the kids with homework while fixing a low fat, low carb, heart healthy dinner!”

If you’ve received this award, it’s because you are Da Bomb!!! You have a LOT to be proud of!  Even though your life is incredibly full and your cup overfloweth, you still manage to exercise and eat healthy.  YOU just totally ROCK!