hawaii-pictures-048.JPGtech1.jpgHere’s me…in Hawaii last summer with my hubby’s aunt.  I’m the short, round one in the white pants.  Next pic, me and a couple of coworkers doing our laptop thing.  I’m the one with all the chins, sitting at the desk.

I’m 57 (God, that sounds so old!) and a high school math/technology teacher.  I’ve been married to the same wonderful (most of the time) man for 39 years and have two grown sons, Darryl (37) and David (35).  I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my hubby and twin grandsons (Andrew and Steven, 17) who turned visits into full-time residency and haven’t gone home for four years.  I don’t think they’re going to leave.  They attend school where I teach so they don’t get away with anything and they’re good boys so it usually works out okay.  Three other grandkids, Holly (8), Andrew and Steven’s little sister, and Jake (8) and Scout (6), David’s children complete the mayhem. 

Although I’ve always had a healthy appetite and a long line of flabby women ancestors, my weight problems didn’t get overwhelming until the last 5 or 6 years.  I used to keep things under control by jogging, aerobics, or walking but some serious ankle injuries have sidelined most of my exercise.  I won’t go into all the boring details but I’ve had four surgeries on one ankle and spent more than 6 months sitting in wheelchairs over the last 5 years.  Add all the time on crutches and canes and it adds up to a lot of inactivity.  Things still aren’t right and I guess I’ve given up on ever going back to the good old days but I’m having a lot of trouble with my doctor’s advice to “learn to live with my limitations” and “stay off my feet as much as possible”.  I’ve gained 50 pounds in the last 5 years and I’ve got to get rid of it.  I feel like crap and I can’t help but think that losing 50 pounds has got to make my ankles feel a Hell of a lot better.

So…with the help of some good friends, the BUTTS (Bountiful, Underactive Teachers Trying to Slimdown) or the Butt Sistahs, as we’ve come to call ourselves, I’m going all out to get in shape.  I’m counting calories and working out as much as I can.  It’s a learning experience.  I think my workouts are going to have to be a variety of activites to avoid stressing my ankles anymore than I have to while still managing to get a good workout.  The main thing right now is to stick to my diet and get my butt off the couch.  I’ve formed some really bad habits of coming home from work, lying on the couch, and watching TV (a habit I picked up from being stuck in a wheelchair).  Each day is a new adventure but I’m a really good and creative cook so I enjoy finding and developing low-cal and low-fat foods.  My goal is to be able to hike the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail in Escalante this summer with my teenaged grandsons during our 7,000 mile wild west motorhome vacation this summer.  I think I have to give up on finding something that won’t make my ankles hurt and just learn to deal with the pain the best that I can by alternating exercise, eating Alleve, and spending a lot of time in the spa.


round says 7th May @ 7:28

Thanks for sharing the pics and your story. Of all the ways to gain weight and lose time, I think TV is the worst. I’ve lived TV-free for over 3 years now, with not one minute of regret (we do have a DVD player and screen to watch movies).

Great goal to be active w the grandkids!

indianapat says 13th January @ 7:48

Dear Sistah Pat,
I bought a mini trampoline at Walmart – cost $30. It gives you the workout during the winter months and is low impact on your knees and ankles. It really does the job.
If you buy one, ask your hubby help you put it together. It’s a bit of a task and could be dangerous if not careful.
Good luck!

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