Rough Beginnings

It’s starting out to be a rough day.  My computer is acting up, the damn dog is driving me crazy.  My weight is 212.4, up .4 from yesterday.

We had a really windy day last week.  Gusts up to 50 mph and it blew down an entire section of the fence.  Not just one section but five sections that were connected.  Donnie used to do maintenance on the fence almost every year but it hasn’t been done for about three years now and I guess I’m paying the price now.  I don’t know how we’re going to get it back up.  I certainly can’t do it and David is never here.  I guess I’ll have to call in some favors.  In the meantime, I can’t let the dog out in the backyard or he’ll run the neighborhood so I have to either walk him or put him out on a chain.  He barks and whines and drives me crazy to go out and then, after I get him on the chain, he whines and barks and drives me crazy again.  Got to get that fence fixed.

I did good yesterday.  Three days on track.  I actually did a lot better with food yesterday.  Kept track of everything and only had used 600 calories after dinner last night so I had a few left for snacks in the evening.  I ate a few pretzels and some Lean Cuisine egg rolls in the evening so I wound up with a total of about 1,000 calories yesterday and then gained .4 lbs. this morning.  sigh…

Now I’ve got to figure out what to do about a pot roast for dinner tonight.  How in the Hell am I going to make that healthy?

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