It’s a start

I battled my demons yesterday.  I have a really bad habit of not eating anything all day and then eating dinner and snacking all night.  Yesterday, I tried not to do that.  I got on the treadmill and did some stretching exercises.  I made myself eat yogurt for breakfast and a bowl of soup for lunch.

The evening did not go perfect but it went a lot better.  During my snacking/bingeing time I drank about 6 cups of hot tea and tried not to eat any junk. I ate lean cuisine egg rolls for dinner and then, when I was really craving snacks, I ate a small bowl of leftover soup and a couple slices of deli turkey breast.  Around midnight, I really wanted something sweet so I ate a bowl of cereal.  Like I said, not perfect but much better than what I’ve been doing.

I weighed in at 213.6 this morning.  It’s already noon but I’m going to eat my yogurt now and then get on the treadmill for a little bit.  I have to admit my body felt a lot more fluid yesterday.  Not as stiff and achy as it has been.  Maybe it’s time to think about setting some goals.

3:20 – I went to Staples and bought a new set of headphones. Left there and went to Kroger and got some healthy stuff.  Frozen shrimp, more yogurt, apples and oranges and whole grain bread.  After I got home, I went upstairs and got on my treadmill using the new (and third set) of headphones I bought.  I did 20 minutes.  Now I’m going to stretch and then see if I can grill some shrimp with blackened seasoning.  Who says you can’t grill out in the rain in January?

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