Taking Stock

214.2.  That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention.  It’s cold and dreary and I’m stuck inside.  David’s car broke down so he’s using mine.  That’s three days he’s had my car so far this week and it’s only Thursday.  I just sit on my ass playing on the computer and eating all day.

Taking stock and being aware of what I’m doing is important.   I need to make myself accountable for the way I feel and the way I look.  I made myself eat some yogurt for breakfast.  80 calories.  Then I weighed myself.  And I finally went upstairs to walk on my treadmill.  Poor thing.  I’m surprised it still works. Folded into a corner and covered in dust.

It wasn’t easy.  I have a terrible headache and I didn’t feel like doing it.  Found my MP3 and the battery was dead.  I went to my room to get a new one and the grand-kids/kids had taken them all.  I finally found a rechargeable one and put it in the charger until it worked.  Next step, finding my headphones.  I hate ear buds and find them really annoying.  Again, someone has made off with my headphones so I settled on a pair of ear buds.  I went upstairs and Darryl had moved my treadmill and folded it up with it in the wrong direction so the cord wouldn’t reach the outlet and it’s too heavy for me to move.  I had to go get and extension cord but I finally got it plugged in and turned it on.  I turned on my MP3 and found out that the stupid ear buds didn’t work so I had to stop everything and go in search for another pair.

I finally walked on the treadmill.  Not fast…I started it at 2.0 mph and only worked up to 2.7 but I walked for 15 minutes.  I know…hardly worth mentioning…but I did it.  It’s a start.  I did okay but got pretty winded.  Of course, I used to kill myself on that thing.  Drenched in sweat and breathing hard but that’s a long way in the future.  For now, I just want to make myself do something.

The treadmill was right in front of the window and I couldn’t help noticing my arms while I walked.  Pale and dry.  I need to start taking better care of everything.  Skin, hair, nails, clothing.  Everything.

At any rate, I move like an old woman these days and the short walk on the treadmill actually made my back feel a little bit better.  I feel a little more lithe.  I think I’ll go in the living room and so some stretches.

2:30 – Yay, me!  I went to look for exercise channels on U-Verse and couldn’t find any.  I did, however, find an on-demand movie I wanted to watch and I started to make a snack while I watched it.  Caught myself, made some hot tea to drink and I’m going to sip it instead of eating a snack and clean the kitchen instead of watching a movie.  All about being aware of what I’m doing.

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