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This is supposed to be a link to the trip we’re planning.  If not that, maybe this:

Yeah, the ex DIL.  The one that’s made our lives a living Hell for the last 17 years.  She told David to come and pick up Jake and Scout on Jan. 4th because her boyfriend kicked her out and she was homeless.  Said it would be for a couple of weeks.

Now, five months later, after not calling them or us once in all this time, she called Jake on his personal phone yesterday to tell him that she’s “missed him soooo much” and she’ll be picking him and Scout up before the end of the month.

Don’t think so.  We hired an attorney two months ago.  She’s collected child support and food stamps for the last five months and we had no idea where she was or what she was doing.  David texted her and told her we needed to know the boys insurance information and she didn’t even bother to answer.  Does the bitch have any idea what she does to these kids?  I mean, really, not to see them or call or anything for five fucking months and then think she can just give Jake a call and pick them up?  She better bring the police with her.


Just a quickie!

Weight is still at 210.  Working on dinner.  Gotta go!

This morning I weighed in at 212.6.  I’ve been eating healthy but that doesn’t necessarily equate to losing weight.

Last night’s dinner was excellent.  Lime grilled chicken with Cuban salsa, yellow rice, and stir fried green beans. I ate way too much and I’m still not exercising.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be doing too much exercising today, either.  Lots and lots to do but it’s all in the house and on the computer.

Busy day, weighed in at 210, went to the doctor and got my stitches out from recent surgery six weeks ago.  No more uterus, no more ovaries, new bladder sling, etc. etc.

So I’m sore and all I want to do is take a hot soak.

Sticking to the menu and feeling good about it.


Rainy Day

It’s a dreary, rainy morning.  I had thought about working in the garden but I don’t guess that’s going to happen.

Yes, I weighed myself today.  210 lbs.  And yes, I made a menu for the week yesterday and went to five different stores getting everything I need.  The only thing I couldn’t find was pico de gallo but I can make it from scratch.

Donna dropped off two of her foster kids this morning so I’m up early babysitting while she’s at the doctor.