I don’t cook anymore.
Don’t simmer my spaghetti sauce or make that special bread.
I don’t sit in the spa and share a beer
and look at the moon and the stars.

I gas up the car
and check the oil and water.
I clean the windows
and use the Speedway Rewards Card.

I don’t slide between the sheets
and savor the cool crisp feel of them
while my thigh rests against yours
and your hand caresses my hair.

I didn’t know it was special.
I didn’t know it was love.
I just thought it was routine.

I can check the air in my tires
and I wash the car now and then
I put Rain X on the windows
as far as I can reach.

I’ve learned how to pay the bills
Most of them, anyway.
And I keep my eyes on the paper
to find out what’s on sale.

The bathroom door keeps hanging up
and the air conditioning isn’t coming on.
I bought a flat screen TV and put it on a table.
I don’t know how to mount it on the wall.

I found your ring
The one I bought you
In the Black Hills of South Dakota
Where the ice water is free and coffee is a dime.

The RV is still at my sister’s
I don’t know how I’ll get it home.
It’s not going anywhere anyway.
Not taking me to the Tetons or a weekend camping trip.

I just didn’t know how special it was.
That love was always in the air.
On your breath and in your smile
In a towel left on the floor.

I didn’t wash your shirt,
that one you always wore.
I folded it and put it in the drawer
and I take it out sometimes and hold it to my face.

I listen to the radio
when I’m driving in the car
and the songs make me cry
like they know how I feel.
I never noticed that before.

You know I hate that smell
of sauerkraut and sausage the moment I open the door
I didn’t know it was special
till it wasn’t special anymore.

I thought today was Thursday
but I found out that it’s Wednesday.
One day is like another
They all play out the same.

Ain’t nothin’ special anymore
it really is routine
It only seems special when I think of you.