Sometimes I feel so used and abused that I can’t stand it.  It’s one of those times. Stacy pulled another one of her stunts the other day.  Called David and said she’s being evicted and he’d have to pick up the kids because they were homeless.

He went to pick them up and she sent them out with ALL of their belongings (including their chihuahua) and then started cursing David in the front yard, calling him an MF and every other vile salutation she could think of in front of the kids.  David said she was yelling and screaming so loud all the neighbors were looking out the windows. She said this is all his fault because he won’t help her out.  (Keep in mind that David has always been current on his child support and she’s refused to get a job for two years now. She also has her current boyfriend living with them for almost a year.) She and her boyfriend stood out front and yelled and screamed but wouldn’t even discuss what was going on.

Jake and Scout told David that Stacy told them it would be at least two months before they’d be coming home because she needs to “get back on her feet”.  Don’t see how that’s going to happen if she refuses to even apply for a job. David’s child support is supposed to be to help with the kids but I’m sure it doesn’t go very far when it’s the only source of income for Stacy, both boys, the dog and her boyfriend.  Bitch.

So now you can barely get through my living room because all of Jake’s and Scout’s belongings are there and I don’t know how I’m going to find room for all of it.  They love their little dog but I’m ready to throw the damn thing out the door.  It’s too little to put in the back yard because it could easily slip through the gate or under the fence so that means putting the leash on him and walking him a half dozen times a day and it’s very cold outside.  So cold, in fact, that I took him out the day before yesterday and after no more than a minute, he was shaking and shivering so I had to cut the sleeves off an old sweatshirt and make him a coat. He’s very high maintenance and wants to go out every couple of hours.  Although I’ve been diligent about it, I’ve still had to clean up dog crap three times from the carpet and he wandered into my bedroom and hiked his leg on the corner of my snow white down comforter a few minutes ago.  Damn it!  I love my snow white comforter and my fuzzy cream colored rug.  I have the comforter in the washer now and I hope it survives.  I usually have down comforters dry cleaned every year or so because I don’t want them ruined in the washer. Still, David’s car won’t start and he’s using my car so I don’t have a choice.  No way to get to the cleaners. Next, I have to go shampoo my carpet.

This whole situation is a pain in the ass.  The boys go to school all the way across town and that means getting up early, taking them 11 miles to school, 11 miles back home, and then doing a repeat after school. That might not be too bad for a week or two but two months is not going to work.  David went down to court yesterday to try to get temporary custody but they said it isn’t an emergency and he’s supposed to go to court in two weeks anyway because Stacy is asking for an increase in child support.  I guess she needs it if she doesn’t want to work and has to support her boyfriend. Bitch.

Needless to say, I’m not feeling the optimism I was feeling last week.  I better get off here and try to clean my carpet.  Anyone want a dog?

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