3FC has changed a lot in my absence.  I used to have a lot of friends on here.  Lots of comments and suggestions and encouragement.  Now there’s no one here.  Where did all the little chicklets go?

I didn’t do very well with eating yesterday.  I have to get out of that habit of gorging every evening.  I ate a healthy dinner of leftover low cal vegetable noodle soup that I made the other day and a sandwich made with Laura’s Lean Beef.  I ate plenty and I wasn’t hungry but then I started snacking and ate a lot of crap. Maybe I’ll try to think of something to do that will get me out of the house this evening.

Huh…Just by coincidence David just called.  He used my car to go to work today and, when he got there, he found out they didn’t schedule anyone for tonight so he’s going to have to work a double shift. So much for planning to go out this evening.

At any rate, I’m going to get started.  Painting and working on the house.  Hopefully, I can keep at it again today.

11:45 and I’m showered and dressed.  Took a while to get the paint out of my hair after I flipped the stir stick yesterday.  I didn’t realize a glob landed in my hair.  I know it’s not early but I didn’t get going until 1:30 yesterday so I’m still ahead of the game.  Weighed myself.  211.5.  I suck. I’ve made my bed and now I’m ready to do some more painting.

2:40 – taking a quick break for a ham and swiss sandwich.  Just finished painting the kitchen, got all the stuff cleaned up and noticed that I didn’t paint a second coat on the edge of one wall by the baseboard. That’s what happens when you take three months to paint a room.  sigh…  As soon as I finish my sandwich, I’m going to get the semi-gloss trim paint and do final touchups in my bedroom.

8:00 – I’m beat!  I finished painting and then had to clean up all that crap.  And then, since I’m finally finished with all the painting and drywall in the kitchen, I decided to clean the floor.  I moved everything out of the kitchen and tackled all the little specks of paint and mud with a razor blade, old toothbrush, and rag. I spent two hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and then put two coats of wax down while everything was out of the room.  Now I’m going to move everything back in the room, clean up my mess and make something healthy for dinner.

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