I look back at the entries when I began this blog and I don’t even recognize the strong, happy, confident woman I used to be.   Things have changed so much in the last few years and I never knew how good my life was.

Yes, Donnie survived his heart surgery and he’s in remission from his cancer.  He stopped drinking months ago.  But he’s not the same man.  He’s lost so much weight he’s nothing but skin and bones.  Has to use a scooter when we go to Kroger.  He’s so weak and it scares me.  I know that even having him still with us is a miracle but it breaks my heart to see him so weak and listless.

Stacy is still totally nuts. She hasn’t worked since last April.  David pays her child support, pays her rent, pays her utilities and pays for her phone.  She gets food stamps and sits on her ass all day and goes out at night.  David bought each of the boys a laptop for Christmas and she went ballistic today.  She said there are no presents from her.  He told her he was going to sign the tag from both of them but she said they already knew that he bought the laptops and it makes her look like a bad mother because he should have given her at least $500 so she could buy them some gifts to put under her tree.  Donnie and I gave David $300 to buy gifts from us and she wanted to take those presents and tell the boys they were from her.  David refused so she told the boys that David was supposed to give her money to shop for them and he didn’t so they wouldn’t have a Christmas and she wanted them to know that it wasn’t her but David that ruined their Christmas.  Then she told him they weren’t coming over here and he wasn’t going to see them today or tomorrow.  So I guess they really don’t get a Christmas.