29 Pounds to go!

29 pounds and 106 days to get rid of it.  Things are going well.  I got off track for a week or so while we were on a mini vacation with little sister and her foster kids.  Even then, I did a lot of walking around Dollywood and Gatlinburg and went horseback riding so I only gained a pound.  Took it off quickly after we got home and a couple more since.  I’ve now lost 11 pounds and I’m feeling good about it.

I’m logging all my exercise and food on My Fitness Pal and keeping track of it there.  I wish 3FC had a better tool for doing so but it doesn’t….  Or does it?  I’ve been blogging on here so many years, I haven’t really looked at other tools they have in ages.  Maybe I’ll check it out.

At any rate, I’m bicycling for 25 minutes once, sometimes twice, a day and doing 100 laps in the pool each day.  Occasionally, I’ll do 120 laps just to make it an even hour.

Donnie is doing okay but I still feel like he should be recovering more quickly than he is.  He used a scooter in Gatlinburg and has fallen several times.  He’ll just get up and start walking and his legs will collapse.  He’s currently nursing a sprained ankle from a fall he took a few days ago.

I just finished riding my bicycle in 90 degrees and I’m ready for a shower and change of clothes.