Yesterday evening my ankle was hurting me and I’d been sitting at the computer working on my book for a couple of hours so my back wasn’t feeling too good either.  I decided that a soak in the spa might help so I headed out there.

Now, for those of you who know me, you know I’m a water baby.  I’m always in a pool or spa or soaker tub but I don’t like bathing suits.  They’re wet and drippy and clingy and I really wish I never had to wear one.  Usually, I head out to the spa after dark and happily gaze at the stars in my birthday suit with a glass of Crystal Light lemonade.  But, yesterday, it was still light so I looked over the selection of bathing suits hanging on the wall of the lean-to next to the spa and chose one that would cover me enough to avoid scandal if one of the neighbors happened to spot me but still be loose and comfy.  It’s a raggedy old thing.  Stretched thin as tissue paper and the band bra is nothing more than a floppy stretched out little bib.  It hangs on me but I’ve kept it because it covers enough for me to slide into the spa and submerge myself in bubbles at times when there might be a possibility of someone seeing me and yet, it’s threadbare enough to feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. 

So I put it on and I’m sitting out there thinking and watching the birds and I keep looking at the pool.  It’s gray and drizzly and the pool is full of leaves and debris from the rain we’ve had all day but the damn thing is making me feel guilty.  It’s the first day in weeks that I haven’t exercised.  Eventually, I succumbed to the guilt and decided to go ahead and do my laps.  Figured I’d just jump on in before I changed my mind.  I scurried up the ladder and down into the water hoping none of the neighbors caught a glimpse of my butt because my ratty old bathing suit is so stretched out that it has a tendency to hang to my knees while still exposing my butt. 

I walked around the pool, scooping out leaves and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought.  The water has warmed up considerably because of last week’s heat wave but the torrential downpours had filled it to the very top of the skimmer and that’s a good five or six inches higher than it’s supposed to be.  I started jogging around and immediately discovered that, with every jog, my boobs bounced up out of the water and out of my suit.  With the deep water, I was covered clear up to the tops of my shoulders but every bounce pulled the top of the suit down and the boobs popped up.  I thought about getting out but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to convince myself to get back in if I took the trouble to go in the house and change bathing suits so I just kept pulling the straps up as tight as I could and trying to keep things contained.

About this time, my neighbor steps out on his elevated deck to take a smoke and I figured I either had to give it up or do something about the situation so I grabbed the right strap and pulled it over my head to the other side and then repeated it with the other strap to take up some slack. Gives you an idea of how loose it is.  It worked.  Kinda… It kept the girls contained and I was able to keep on going. 

It was getting dark and the mosquitos were swarming because of all the rain.  They were everywhere!  Buzzing around my face and ears and I kept taking a dive every lap or so to submerge my face and try to camouflage the “human” smell with a good drenching of chlorine but it didn’t help much.  I began to feel bites on the back of my neck and I couldn’t figure out how I was getting so many bites because I’m only 5’2″ and there was only about two inches of my neck above water.  And even that was getting a pretty good splashing.  Eventually, the bastards began to bite my face and my ears and I was totally miserable.

My goal was 180 laps and I wasn’t about to quit.  I kept going for 1 1/2 hours and I’m not sure if that’s a sign of determination and committment or total ignorance and stupidity.  At any rate, I got my laps done and it was well after dark by the time I finished and raced inside.

I tossed my ratty old suit in the trash so I’d never be tempted to wear it again.

I was rewarded this morning with a new loss of a pound and a half from yesterday.  That puts me at a new low.  I’ve lost the weight I picked up during my four day decadent period plus an additional pound.  Yay, me!!

I talked to little sister and little brother this morning and things seem to be much better than they were a day and a half ago.  Mom is beginning to eat and dress herself and little brother is beginning to step up to the plate a little bit more than he was.  Even so, he has to go back to work tomorrow morning and won’t be off until Friday.  He has a four day work week and this week will be even shorter because of the Labor Day holiday.  So I’m going down there.  I’ll be staying from this evening until Thursday evening so I should be able to get a pretty good handle on how Mom’s actually functioning.

I hate to give up my routine.  Mom and I have totally different palates and I’ll have to cater to her to get her to eat but I also want to stay focused on my diet.  Exercise?  I don’t see how.  I won’t have the pool, it’s supposed to rain non-stop for the next four days so there’s no sense in taking my bike.  My ankles won’t tolerate walking any distance on asphalt or concrete.  I guess I’ll take a workout tape but I don’t think there’s room in Mom’s tiny little house to do anything.

Under the circumstances, I guess I’d better get out to the pool and do my laps for today.


laura705 says 4th September @ 10:39

Wow, been a rough few days with your mom’s situation. Good luck to you over the next few days getting her back on track with everyday living, and keeping yourself on track! You’re doing so great. 🙂

brseay says 7th September @ 21:23

Ah, Pat, you do paint quite a picture. I know you’re writing a cookbook but I hope there will be room for a few good stories in there 😉

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