170 is a Bad Number

I’m just saying…It’s difficult to work with.

As I do my laps in the pool, the count goes round and round in my head with each step I take like a mantra. 

“One…one…one…one…one…one…one…(pass the ladder) two…two…two…two…two…”

I have to be careful about what’s going on in my head.  If I get distracted, I can wind up passing the ladder over and over and still keep repeating the same number.  When I realize that I’ve been going round and round and thinking about what to fix for dinner and lost track of my count, I never try to guess where I am.  I go back to the last number I remember and start from there.  I’m sure I get a lot of extra laps in when I get distracted.

I do, however, do simple arithmetic as I’m jogging to encourage myself.  For example, if I’m doing 100 laps, it’s easy.  As I’m chanting “twenty… twenty… twenty…”, I can easily multi-task my thoughts and tell myself “Okay!  You’re a fourth of the way finished!”  And it’s easy to recognize on lap 50 that I’m halfway there.

So I have trouble when I do 170 laps.  I guess I probably did more like 200 because I kept trying to figure out how much more I had to do.  85 laps is halfway.  That was easy.  But it takes me 42.5 minutes of jogging to get there and I need encouragement a lot more often than every 42.5 minutes.  So I kept trying to figure out where I was at lap 20 or lap 30 or even at 100.

So I’m not doing 170 laps anymore.  Hopefully, I’ll move on to 180 tomorrow and I might eventually have to go to 200 so my poor mind can keep up with the fractions.

8:30 p.m. Update – Dinner was really good tonight!  I was trying to use up some stuff I had on hand.  I decided to make lemon garlic chicken breasts, couscous with green peas, lemon zest and parmesan and ensalada caprese using fresh tomatoes out of the garden.  It was really good!  Guess I ought to add the couscous and chicken to my favorite recipes category before I forget what I did.

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