Storm Chaser

Remnants of Isaac headed our way.  It was supposed to start raining late morning and they said we’d have thunderstorms today and tomorrow.  I headed out to the pool to do my laps this morning figuring I’d better do what I could while I was able.  Cranked out 160 laps today or 80 minutes, whichever you prefer.  The wind was gusting and leaves were falling into the pool faster than I could scoop them out.  DH was driving me absolutley nuts.  He wanted to go pick up my car and I wasn’t going anywhere until I finished my laps.  He came out every ten minutes or so and hounded me about how much longer I’d be.   I finished up and headed up to the patio to drip dry for a few minutes and felt the first big, fat drops.  Felt about a half dozen drops and then it stopped.  The sun came out and the breeze died down and it’s been hot, humid and stuffy all day.  I looked at the latest weather report and now they’re saying the storm will be here Sunday and Monday.  Go figure…

The scales show me up a pound today but I’m not worried about it.  I know I haven’t done anything to make it go up so it has to come back down sooner or later.

As I said, DH is driving me crazy.  I fixed baked french fries and cod loins for dinner last night.  Also had a salad with homegrown tomatoes from the garden.  I fully intended to broil the fish but DH nagged me until I gave in and dredged it in a breading mix and fried it in olive oil.  He went up to Kroger and bought some coleslaw and then added mayo and splenda to it to make it more palatable.  I had fish, salad with lite dressing, and a few baked french fries.  He had fried fish smothered in tartar sauce and ate two sandwiches on buns he grilled in butter.  He added coleslaw and a ton of ketchup to his fries and then topped the salad with chunky blue cheese dressing.  I didn’t say anything.  I’m tired of trying.  I told him I’m cooking healthy, tasty dinners and he can join me or do his own thing.  I’m not going to worry about his eating habits any more.

I’ve only eaten 700 calories today so I need to cram a few more things in before I go to bed.  I’ve been busy. I ate yogurt for breakfast, did my laps in the pool, picked up my car, went to Kroger, the produce market and then to the pet store to pick up food for the koi.  I got home and then worked on my book until dinner.  Dinner was a big salad with a grilled chicken breast and I was shocked to see that I’m only at 700 calories.  I can get caught up in writing and lose track of time.  Oh, wait!  I just remembered that I have a super sweet, super perfect watermelon.  I can eat that!

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