Day of Debauchery

I guess it had to happen sooner or later.  I’m taking the day off.  DH wants to take the RV up to the casino and spend the night.  That means an all-you-can-eat Steak and Crab Legs Buffet.  I can do without the steak.  Nothing like a perfectly cooked, juicy steak but this is a buffet, after all, and they know how to ruin a steak.  But those crab legs….I can eat some crab legs.  And then, of course, I’m going to dip them in clarified butter. 

I don’t feel guilty.  I haven’t taken a day off from dieting and exercise for almost five weeks but I’ll have to make sure I jump right back on my Mexican Train as soon as we get home.  If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to do my pool laps before we leave and we’ll be back tomorrow so the damage should be minimal but I’m going to relax and eat what I want from the buffet.  I don’t use a lot of clarified butter and crab legs are not fattening at all but I’m going to go for one of those wicked Napoleans for dessert.


laura705 says 24th August @ 11:46

Have fun!

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