Yummy Gummies!

I’m pitiful.  I know.  It’s true.

I just don’t like to take vitamins.  I don’t know what it is.  I actually don’t like to take my Crestor or Blood Pressure Pills either and skip them half the time.  I can be standing right in front of them and all I have to do is open the bottle, grab a sip of water and wash them down.  But I won’t.

Even though Mom is now 4’2″ tall and her back is curved like Quasimoto’s.  I go for my bone density scans and yet I don’t do anything about it.  Easy enough to take a calcium pill every day but I don’t.

So DH saw some Women’s Complete MultiVitamin Formula Gummy Vitamins for Bone and Metabolism Support and picked them up for me.  He brought them home and extracted a promise that I will ONLY get them after I take my blood pressure pill and Crestor.  And I do.  I take my meds and then reward myself with two yummy chewy gummy vitamins in assorted fruit flavors.  Only 15 calories and all the vitamins and minerals you could ask for.

Like I said…I’m pitiful.

So I’ve been taking my meds and vitamins for a couple of weeks now and think of my gummies as a reward.  And I look forward to them.  Just like a kid.

On the other hand, I’ve been really good about working out in the pool.  No one encourages me or pushes me to get it done but I do it anyway.  It feels like something I do just for me.  I did 105 laps yesterday and 110 today.  I’ve done this so many times I know exactly how long it takes for me to jog a lap around the pool.  It’s 30 seconds.  And I’ve checked the time over and over to make sure.  I’d like to get up to 120 laps which would be a full hour of jogging in the water.  I ought to just do it tomorrow.  I mean, really, it’s only another 5 minutes.  I’m already doing 55 so what’s another 5?

I lost a new half pound this morning.  Feels good.  That’s 13 pounds in the last month.  Yay!!


fatnomo says 19th August @ 16:01

Well if we aren’t on the same train, I dont know who is. I started in on the vitamins again today too. Just got through reading some of your posts, and boy have you been busy lady! Retired! Hospital hubby! Grandbabies leaving! Are you still a non-smoker??? Hmmmm? I quit AGAIN in May and had one weekend of debauchery in Laughlin last weekend but am back to good. Looks like we are hanging around the same weight too! Lets do this! I am going to take your fortitude for the laps and use the same for walking 30 minutes a day. I just have to do it, and the time will go by anyway! Good job on the 13 lbs!

laura705 says 21st August @ 11:57

Hey, if that gets you taking the vitamins, that’s great. I have a good routine during the week – take a multi-vite right after my breakfast, take a calcium supplement right after lunch (when the reminder in my Outlook calendar pops up, otherwise I’d never remember, lol) and another calcium supplement after dinner. On weekends, I don’t do as well, but I’m about 90% there, so good enough.

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