Or dieting and exercise.  That’ll do it, too.

I hit a new low this morning.  A half pound lower than the new low I hit the other day.  Yay!  I’ve noticed that my clothes are getting looser.  In fact, I’ve felt the comfy old pants I’ve been wearing around the house slipping over my hips several times lately.  A couple of times, I’ve had to grab them to keep them from sliding all the way down.

That’s good.  I like that.

I worked really hard yesterday.  Started cleaning the “guest” room that DS, David, has been living in for the past two years.  The more I cleaned, the madder I got.  He came home from work yesterday evening and I said, “I’ve only got one thing to say to you… Really!  I mean, REALLY…”  I know it’s my house but I don’t go in that room very often because I respect his privacy but lately I’ve noticed it looks pretty bad.  I’ve been doing a whole house cleaning since my retirement and I decided to tackle “his” room.

I swear, I don’t think those sheets had been changed in a month.  And the comforter smelled like a wet dog.  Probably compliments of his mutt who sleeps on the bed every night.  Under the bed looked like something I’d expect from a teenager instead of a 40 year old adult.  He had clothes all over the place and I opened the closet to an avalanche.  The entire room smelled like a dirty clothes hamper. The ceiling fan had dust an inch thick on it.   I scrubbed walls and windows and cleaned under the bed and wound up spending 5 hours cleaning in one room alone.

By 6:00 p.m. I was exhausted and told myself I would skip my pool laps.  I was just too tired.  But then, it kept nagging at me.  If I missed my laps, it would be the first day in over a month that I didn’t work out.  So, finally, I took the high ground, put on my suit and did my laps.  Promised myself I’d stop at 90 although I did 95 the day before.  But then, after 90, I decided to go ahead and do the complete 95.  And then…at 95, I thought, “This is ridiculous.  Go ahead and bring it up to 100”.  So I did.

For the first time this year, I did 100 laps jogging in the pool.  I don’t know how many more opportunities I’ll have.  I woke up this morning and took my coffee outside and then ran back inside to throw on a robe.  It was 60 degrees!  Crazy!  Come on…it’s still August!

Now I’m going to get DS up and make him face the payback for cleaning his room.  I want my bicycle tire fixed and I want my car washed and I want the RV cleaned out.


fatnomo says 19th August @ 0:47

Miss Patty! Its been forever… or at least too long. I am sooooo glad to find you are still here. I am so gland to read that you still have your spunk and are making progress! I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY WOMAN WITH AN ADULT SON LIVING AT HOME THAT CANT KEEP HIS ROOM CLEAN!!!! I love the payback. May I borrow your punishments? 🙂 Can’t wait to catch up on the last 11 months of your blog. I’ll be back! Thanks for being here!


laura705 says 21st August @ 11:52

Ugh, what a job cleaning out that room. I’m glad you’re going to get your payback. I think monthly inspections are in order so it doesn’t get into that state again.

laura705 says 21st August @ 11:53

PS – Yay on the loose clothing and great job on the exercise!

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