It poured last night.  All night long; one storm after another.  We had a small branch come down and block the sidewalk out front.  Almost hit the picture window.

So it’s gray and overcast and very, very wet.  I don’t know if I’ll be getting in the pool today.  It might be time to look at finding some of my old aerobic tapes.  I used to do one of the low impact workouts as a warmup before my high intensity step aerobics.  Now, I’ll probably be lucky to make it through half of the low impact.  Still, I used to enjoy it.  The treadmill only works my legs and I need to begin working on my upper body.

Grandaughter, Holly, spent the night last night.  I wish I could get her moving but she’s so sedentary.  She spent hours (yes, HOURS) just sitting at the computer last night.  She brought a friend with her for a sleepover and they both just sat there and stared at computer screens all evening.  Her friend is huge.  She must be close to six feet tall and she’s only 15.  On top of that, she’s very obese.  I know she has to weigh at least 300 pounds.  I fixed dinner and I asked them if they wanted fried fish.  Her friend said, “I love fish!”  So, I breaded some cod loins and fried them in olive oil.  Served it with green beans and french fries.  I let them eat in the den and they wolfed it down while playing on computers.  Holly’s friend ranted about how good the fish was and asked for another piece.  I’d already given them two pieces each but I had made enough so I told her to help herself.  Later, when I collected their plates, I was shocked to see that she’d only picked off all the crust on four huge pieces and didn’t actually eat the fish at all.  She only ate the breading and french fries.  Didn’t touch her green beans, either.

I said, “I thought you said you loved fish?” and she responded with, “I do!” and I pointed out that she hadn’t even touched the fish.  She came back with, “I don’t like that part.  I just like the crust.”

Overall, the evening was a remarkable insight into why we have so many obese kids these days.  This morning, I told them they could not get on the computer so they turned on the TV and are watching TV while they talk on their cell phones.  Sad…


laura705 says 21st August @ 11:49

That would be a funny story about the fish if it weren’t for the fact that this girl is already at risk for obesity-related diseases.

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