New Low

I love having a new low on the scales.  I feel like I need to weigh myself daily for the sake of accountability but that means I see the same old numbers over and over.  I’m not one of those who can eat healthy all week and then hop on the scales.  I’m afraid if I weighed on Saturday, I’d take Sunday off…and maybe Monday…because I wouldn’t be facing the numbers again for several days.  Just knowing myself…..that’s how I am.

Of course, the disadvantage of weighing daily is seeing the same numbers all the time.  210…211….210.5…210….212…210.5…yada, yada, yada.

So I always feel great when I see a fresh new low!  Yesterday, I showed a brand new loss of 1.5 pounds.  I felt really good about it because I’d been bouncing around with the same weight for several days.

Funny thing, though, even though I showed a new loss and actually felt like I’d lost some weight, I ate too much last night.  Kind of a mini-binge.  No, I didn’t go over my calories for the day but I just ate too much at one time.  We had veggie burgers, leftover sauteed vegetables and frozen french fries for dinner.  I know, frozen french fries????  I made them for the grandkids last week and was really surprised to see that, when they’re baked, they only have 120 calories for a pretty large serving.  I had a busy day and just decided to make something quick and easy and veggie burgers and fries fit the bill.

So why did I eat two of them and two helpings of fries?  Wouldn’t you think one would do it?  Still puzzling over that…it was just like I felt obligated or something.  There was an extra burger left and extra fries and I just had to eat them.

Of course, I’d had a rough day.  I went to school early in the morning and finally finished clearing out my old classroom.  Went through my files and filled three recycle bins.  All the old lesson plans, all the old PD sessions, folders, notebooks…all trashed.  I set out a ton of stuff, paste, glue, crayons and markers, poster board, staplers, scissors, activity books, a globe, student folders, index cards, a filing cabinet, a bar stool I bought for sitting at my projector, cups and posters and tons of other stuff.  I sent out an email to all staff telling them it was a free-for-all and they swept through my room like vultures.  Picked it clean.

In the end, I looked around my shiny, fresh room, the empty bulletin boards and bare walls.  The neat rows of desks and computers and felt a pretty strong tug at my heart strings.  Made that long walk down to the office and turned in my keys.  For the final time.  School starts Monday for students and I won’t be meeting 120 new kids and giving them my best “tough as nails” introduction.

So maybe that’s why I ate for two last night.  One for me and one to say goodbye to an old friend.  I hope I can say goodbye to those old pounds and see that new number again this morning.  Guess we’ll see when I take my shower and weigh myself.  But, before that, while my old colleagues are hard at work setting up their classrooms and getting ready for the onslaught, I think I’ll take my coffee and crossword out to the patio and watch the bird feeders for a while.

11:30 Update – I pushed myself to do 95 laps today.  The weather is getting cooler and I’d just like to be able to get to 100 laps before I have to quit for the season.  Of course, I could just suck it up and do 100 laps everyday but I’d like to work up to it just a little bit.

Took my shower and hopped on the scales.  It shows a 2 pound gain from my new low yesterday.  sigh… I know, that’s the way it works.  And I know I’ll see that new number again.  Maybe tomorrow.


hankpanky says 16th August @ 10:40

I discovered the same thing about weighing in daily just the other day. Even with the same numbers over and over, daily weighing gives you those ‘flutter’ numbers, the almost there ones and if you weighed just once a week, you may never see that.
I slowly left the teaching position (1 year part-time, one year no job, one year just a semester) over the last three years and it’s hard, especially when you get in that groove and plus, the kids are really fun and for the most part, pretty darn enjoyable (although, kids have changed A LOT over the last 17 years that I taught). When I finally decided to move on, I gave away tons of stuff and still, I threw away 14 file boxes of lesson plans, handouts, you name it. I had my classroom picked over by the ‘vultures’, cleaned up the room and turned in my keys.
I still get the little tug each fall and I want to buy school supplies and new clothes in fabulous fall colors, but in the end, I’m really enjoying my new life. Just because you’re retiring, doesn’t mean it’s over, because it really is just beginning.
Enjoy that crossword puzzle and that cup of coffee. Here’s to seeing the most beautiful and playful birds!

laura705 says 16th August @ 11:47

It’ll be quite an adjustment leaving the life you knew for so many years. You’re doing so great with the exercise and eating – at least those fries weren’t deep-fried. Your seafood dinner the other day sounded delcious – it’s great when you can eat something so tasty and know it’s good for you!

littlehoo says 16th August @ 16:07

Congrats for doing 95 laps! I tried doing 2 laps in the pool last night, but quickly realized the swimsuit I was wearing was not made for lap swimming. The ‘girls’ were practically free. It was bad, seeing as it was the pool at the apartment complex I live in.
Is there a plan you’re following that says to weigh yourself daily? I’ve always heard that it’s best to weigh yourself at the same time, wearing the same thing (or nothing), once a week, on the same day, that way you don’t get the little fluctuations.

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