The Sky is Falling

I woke up and did my Facebook thing while consuming vast quantities of black coffee.  Same as every morning.  I noticed the sky looked kind of overcast and looked up the weather.  The forecast called for rain and thunderstorms starting around noon so I decided to go ahead and get my pool laps done.

I always do two laps walking to warm up, empty the skimmer, and collect any leaves floating around on the surface of the pool.  This morning, the entire skimmer was full of leaves to such an extent that they had filled up the basket and were overflowing into the pool.  I cleaned it out and continued on my warm up walk, scooping up leaves as I went.

I decided to go for 90 laps today.  That doesn’t count the two warm up laps and the three cool down laps so I guess it’s technically 95.  At any rate, I started jogging around the pool and the leaves were coming down faster that I could keep up with them.  As I ran around I’d pick up a couple of them and throw them over the side, pick up a few more and toss them out.  They were falling like it was October instead of August. 

After about 30 laps, it started sprinkling.  Normally, that wouldn’t be too bad but the pool is getting cold and the outside temperature was only 67 so it was a little chilly.  Even though I was breathing hard and working at it, those raindrops felt pretty cold.  I kept going and the wind picked up a little and the rain picked up a little and I gave up trying to keep up with the leaves and just kept pushing it to get my laps done.  Around 60 laps, the sky opened up and it began to pour.  I could hear thunder but I didn’t see any lightning so I made up my mind that I would hang in there and make my goal of 90 laps. 

You’d think it wouldn’t matter.  I mean, getting rained on when you’re already in the pool but it was a downpour and I couldn’t keep my hair out of my eyes and it was cold.  I got it done, though.  Did 90 laps and then ran for cover.  Yay, me!


brseay says 14th August @ 15:58

Hey, Sistah! I had a minute and thought I’d catch up on what’s going on in your life. Holy cow! It’s a good thing your disability was approved b/c your outside life is busier than a full time job.

Glad to hear Donnie is home and I hope your mom decides to get stronger. But I am thrilled that you are not letting these things get in the way. It’s amazing how quickly your stamina is returning and it’s sounding like the old Pat is back 🙂

We start school tomorrow but I’m ready. Remind me I said that in a week when I’m grumbling about not having enough time to get things done.

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