Eaten Alive

This will be quick.  It’s late and I have a lot to do.

Went to see Mom today.  We got her up and into a wheelchair.  Pushed her out to the patio of the nursing home and she ate one bite of a chicken salad sandwich, 2 slices of homegrown tomato and about half of a peach.  I think that’s better than she’s been doing.  We visited for 3 hours and it left her worn out.

Most of the day was consumed with getting ready, driving to Hodgensville, KY, visiting Mom and then driving home.  Oldest son went with us and wanted to go out to eat after we got home so we went to El Marlin because I enjoyed it the other night and wanted to introduce him to the place.  I ate two tostones with seviche and had the same grilled tilapia with Cilantro sauce and basil aioli with rice and sauteed vegetables.  Delicious!  I hadn’t eaten all day (I know, not good) so I washed it down with two Coronas.

I didn’t get home until a little while ago and hadn’t planned on doing my pool laps because it’s late and I just ate a big meal.  Still, my conscience was bothering me so I decided to go ahead and get my laps done.  I haven’t missed doing my exercise for three weeks and I don’t want to start making excuses.

I’m really proud of myself for getting it done because it was absolutely miserable.  We had a cold front move in yesterday and it was only 74 degrees outside.  The temperature of the pool dropped a couple of degrees and it was pretty cold.  It was difficult to get into the rhythm of running because of the heavy meal I’d just eaten.  And then, for some reason, the mosquitoes were voracious.  I don’t understand it.  I don’t usually have any problems with mosquitoes but they were everywhere.  Buzzing around my head and biting my neck and shoulders as I jogged in the pool.  It was awful.  The entire time, they were buzzing in my face and ears and I HATED it.  I wanted to quit so bad.  But I didn’t.  In fact, I didn’t stop at my usual 80 laps but made myself push on for another five laps.

Usually, I get out of the pool, grab a towel, and sit on the patio to finish dripping and dry off before I come in the house.  No way I could do it tonight.  I practically ran in the house, sopping wet, and locked the door behind me.  Miserable little bastards.

Now, I’ve changed clothes, gotten into my pajamas, and I’m counting bites.  One, two, three, four…..eleven, twelve……eighty seven, eighty eight…..


healthyginger says 16th August @ 13:18

I’m curios-wonderin where you live that is cold in August. I’m in Louisiana and getting in a pool will not cool you off-it’ll just be a hot bath. Admire your doing your laps when you don’t want to. Way to go.

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