Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of Splendor in the grass, of Glory in the flower;

We will grieve not, Rather find

Strength in what remains behind.

My favorite poem.  Wordsworth’s Intimations of Immortality.  He grieves for a lost youth and yearns to find wonder and awe in nature as he did when he was a child.

I always think of those “moments” as Splendor in the Grass.  Any particular incident or point of time when I feel the kind of joy and contentment in nature that brings back days of lightning bugs and wildflowers.

I had a Splendor in the Grass moment last night.  Woke up at midnight and, for some reason, I was wide awake.  I grabbed a Landshark Beer from the six-pack I bought last April (that’s number four) and went out to the spa.  It was dark and quiet and I sipped my beer and enjoyed a warm balmy breeze that stirred the leaves in the canopy of my big old oak tree.  I got the urge to get in the pool and floated on my back, looking at the stars and catching the faint fragrance of marijuana on the breeze.  Guess someone else was awake and enjoying the night.  It was one of those rare moments when everything seems right with the world.  DH was home and asleep.  The stars were bright and the night was soothing.  I don’t find Splendor in the Grass very often and treasure it when I do.

DH didn’t get released from the hospital on Tuesday as we had hoped.  He had to stay in until Wednesday afternoon.  I picked him up and fixed his favorite dinner.  It’s reassuring to have him home.  The doctor told him to take the rest of the week to get used to his new medication and he’ll return to work on Monday.

We went to school yesterday and I managed to sort through some more of my stuff.  This is trash, this is to go home, this is to pass out to other teachers, this is yard sale….  I think one more trip will probably finish it up.

I’ve been good.  Doing my laps in the pool and eating right.  My weight is fluctuating a little bit but I’m not discouraged.  I know I’m doing what I need to do and it’ll continue to come off even if I show a gain of a pound or two one day, I know it will show a loss in the next day or two.

I’m rethinking the calorie count of my pool workout..  All the sites I look at say I burn about 450 calories but I never put that down.  It just doesn’t feel like enough work for that.  I usually enter it as 250.  Still, the articles say that’s one of the good things about jogging in the pool, it doesn’t feel like work.  The water keeps you cool and cushions the impact on ankles and knees.  I was cognizant of my workout yesterday.  Noted that I was working hard and my breathing was the same as when I’m doing a really difficult aerobics activity like high impact or step aerobics.  I guess it just doesn’t seem as intense because I’m so cool.  I have to drink water when I work out in the pool so it must be more intense than it seems.  So, I’m going to give myself more credit and work in the pool as much as I can until it gets too cold.

5:00 Update – I did 80 laps today.  Added five for the coming week.  Hard to believe I started out with just 30 laps three weeks ago.

I haven’t eaten much today.  Ate a half cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and a half cup of Silk Almond Soy Milk for breakfast along with 7 rainier cherries.  I’m saving my calories for dinner. 

I’m meeting a friend at a restaurant in an hour for dinner.  She picked the restaurant, I haven’t been there before and it’s supposed to be a Latin Seafood place.  I looked for an online menu so I could plan for healthy choices but they don’t have one.  Makes it difficult.  Still, I have 1500 calories left for today so I should be okay.  If we have drinks, I’ll go with a Corona instead of a fruity girlie drink.  Wish me luck!

8:00 p.m. Update – Dinner was fabulous!  I had a mixed ceviche appetizer with shrimp, tilapia, and calamari in a citrus juice and spicy seasoning.  It was served with tostones.  Wonderful (although I didn’t touch the calamari, not my thing)

For the entree, I chose a grilled pangasius filet (mild white fish similar to tilapia) with cilantro sauce, topped with fresh mango salsa and basil aioli.  It was served with rice and sauteed yellow squash, onions and zucchini.

I think these were pretty healthy choices and I loved every bite!

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