Louisville Bats

That’s not just the name of our baseball team, it also refers to the bats that cruise around the neighborhood right at dusk.  I wonder where they come from?  Several years ago, it became known in the neighborhood, that a particular house a couple of miles from us had an attic full of bats and had to be completely renovated.  Now, years later, we still see bats at dusk flying around the darkening skies.  I see a lot of them (meaning five or six each evening) because they often swoop down and take a sip from the pool.  I guess some folks might not like that but I rather enjoy it.  I relax in the spa and watch them flutter around searching for whatever it is that they search for.  On a few occasions, we’ve gotten up in the morning to find a bat caught in the pool skimmer, spreadeagled across the opening and hanging on for dear life.  Although I think they’re kind of cool, that doesn’t mean I want to handle them or get bitten.  I usually call one of the men-folk and they grab a pair of work gloves and pry the bat loose and then lay the poor exhausted thing down in the shade until it finally gets some strength back and flies away.

I was sitting in the spa yesterday evening, relaxing and watching the bats.  A summer breeze was stirring the trees and I was so contented.  Just watching the trees dance and the bats fluttering around the pool.  I snapped a picture of a couple of them flying around the trees over the spa.  I got to thinking about how different the neighborhood is going to be without our trees.  One of the things that attracted us to the neighborhood thirty years ago when we bought our house was the abundance of trees.  Huge things, towering over the houses.  Five years after we moved in, they took the houses across the street to widen the expressway and we had to fight and petition like crazy to get them to build a wall so we wouldn’t have to look at the expressway and endure the noise.  At least, they left the trees so we look out our front window to a field of grass and trees and a concrete wall.

Five years after that, they took our front easement, between the sidewalk and the road, and turned it into a drainage ditch.  I used to have flower beds out there but now we have a sloping ditch lined with gravel and a scant two inches of soil that supports the growth of grass but doesn’t work for flowers.

A few years after that, they took the easement in the back of our yard, did another drainage ditch and fenced it off.  They actually took six feet off our back yard.  That may not seem like much but we had the pool in the back corner and had a block patio around it.  Now the pool sits right against the fence and there’s barely enough room to walk behind it.

We have a small, private airport a couple of miles away.  It doesn’t bother us.  Maybe a half dozen small planes fly overhead each day.  They’re not noisy and we hardly notice them.  Six months ago, they informed us that most of the planes use GPS now and new regulations require the removal of any large trees in the flight path.  Our neighborhood is known for its’ trees.  And now they want to take them down.  We’ve been fighting it but I received a letter yesterday stating that they’re going to remove all the trees late next year and each resident will be given $2,500 for new landscaping.  Are you kidding me?  They’ll be taking down four huge trees in my yard and I’m not allowed to plant anything that will grow over 20′ tall.  I can’t imagine our neighborhood without the trees.  We have parties and cookouts and everyone marvels at how cool our yard is.  And what am I going to do with $2,500?  That doesn’t go very far in the landscaping business.  I’m really going to miss my trees.

What’s left?  They took the houses across the street and now they’ll take the trees across the street.  They took our easement in the front and they took the easement in the back.  Now they’re taking the trees in my yard and controlling the air over my house.  The only thing they haven’t taken is the ground under the house.

Enough griping for today.  Ex-DIL is supposed to come over to help clean house.  She said she’d be here around 10:00.  I don’t believe that’ll happen but I’d better get moving just in case.


laura705 says 26th June @ 11:52

Very sad about the removal of the trees. It took years for them to get that big and it’s a shame they’ll be gone.

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