Cleaning Up!

I really am back.  After avoiding issues for almost a year, I truly am back in the game.  It’s always hard to get going but I know if I just hang in there for a week or so, I’ll find it easier every day.

Lots of cleaning to do today.  Including cleaning up my act.  DIL owes me so much money it isn’t even funny.  She’ll never be able to pay it back and I’ve been bitter about it for a long time but she offered to help me clean house this summer to pay some of it back and I took her up on the offer.  She’s supposed to come over tomorrow to start.  My house, my weight, my job and my life have been pretty much out of control for the past year and I’m working hard to regain my confidence and control the things that have been holding me down.

Yesterday, I weighed myself for the first time in quite a while.  Ugghhh….I have a long road ahead.  I did my laps in the pool and cleaned the yard.  Today, I’m hoping to start recording my food intake and using my new HRM (which also shows calories burned) to keep track of things.  I’m interested to know how many calories I burn on an average day and had hoped to wear it all day  yesterday, including when I went to bed, but it got uncomfortable yesterday evening and I took it off.

Starting today, I’m recording what I eat so I can keep track of the calories consumed.  Starting with a breakfast of two hard-boiled eggs and a glass of tomato juice.  Then I’m getting to work.


susana says 10th June @ 19:50

Well done, sistah! Keep at it and never quit!

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