I loved Wendy’s Berry Almond Salad and enjoyed it several times this past summer.  I also managed to do a pretty good job of duplicating here for dinner using the same ingredients.  Since the salad is out of season at Wendy’s, I figured I’d better copy it in here before I forget what goes in it. 

Picture fresh berries – plump, tangy blueberries and succulent, sliced, California strawberries resting on a bed of freshly chopped romaine and iceberg lettuce, which is tossed with a brightly colored spring mix.


Surrounding the berries are California almonds roasted with sea salt, shaved natural Asiago cheese and a warm grilled chicken breast. Pulling all of this together is a delicious yet fat-


free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, including the juice of the nutrient rich acai berry.


hmmmm…..sounds good for dinner…………..



brseay says 3rd November @ 17:13

I’m looking for my friend Patty. Has anyone seen her? I hope she’s doing well.

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