We needed to have a little work done on Manny so we took him to Nicholasville, Ky., just south of Lexington.  (Just in case you didn’t know, Manny is our RV: named after the big old mammoth elephant in Ice Age)  Had to go pick him up Friday.  I was off work so it seemed like a good day to get it done considering that Lexington is 75 miles from Louisville.

The RV was supposed to be ready by 2:00 but it was closer to 6:00 when they finally finished so DH took the wheel and I followed in my big old white Lincoln.  The sunset was absolutely brilliant.  One of those breathtaking red vistas where the sky looks like it’s on fire.  I had the radio blasting and the windows rolled down and kept getting one song after another that just seemed to bring back so many memories of Glory Days.  Started with Bruce Springsteen and I remembered  hurtling down an endless highway in the Mohave Desert in our old RV, dancing in the aisle and downing a bottle of wine while Bruce belted it out.

And then the radio changed to Remember When by Alan Jackson.

Remember when I was young and so were you
And time stood still and love was all we knew
You were the first, so was I
We made love and then you cried
Remember when

Remember when we vowed the vows and walked the walk
Gave our hearts, made the start and it was hard
We lived and learned, life threw curves
There was joy, there was hurt
Remember when

Remember when old ones died and new were born
And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged
We came together, fell apart
And broke each other’s hearts
Remember when

Remember when the sound of little feet was the music
We danced to week to week
Brought back the love, we found trust
Vowed we’d never give it up
Remember when

Remember when thirty seemed so old
Now lookin’ back, it’s just a steppin’ stone
To where we are, where we’ve been
Said we’d do it all again
Remember when

Remember when we said when we turned gray
When the children grow up and move away
We won’t be sad, we’ll be glad
For all the life we’ve had
And we’ll remember when

Remember when
Remember when

By the time it was over, I was all teary-eyed and wondering about that part where the children were supposed to grow up and move away and leave us with nothing but memories.  Didn’t hear anything about moving back home and sending all the grandkids for us to raise and care for.

The sunset changed and gave way to darkness and a sliver of moon as I barreled through the hills and valleys and it occurred to me that I was probably making a memory right then.  That someday I’d hear one of those songs I was listening to…Remember When or Glory Days or Rob Thomas singing My, My, My and I’d remember following behind DH in the RV and making our way home through the darkness with the windows down and the radio blaring.


susan says 3rd October @ 17:31

Nice post ~ I enjoyed reading it & remembering when.

brseay says 3rd October @ 19:10

You have a definite way with words 🙂 I also tear up when he talks about kids being little and mine are STILL little!

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