It’s about time

I decided to retire.  The thought occurred to me yesterday morning when I had to crawl out of bed, grew stronger when I got to work and had to walk from one extreme of the building to sign in and go to the other end to get to my classroom and became totally obvious after being cursed and totally disrespected by a 15 year old with an attitude.  From 8:00 a.m. on, I knew I was done.  I just kept asking myself, “Why am I doing this?”  All day long, through a dozen different scenarios, I just kept thinking, “Why?”

I didn’t get out of the building until 4:30 again, two hours after my workday supposedly ends, brought papers home to grade and still had to finish up a power point that goes with my lesson for today.  Had to run out to Party Outlet to pick up wristbands for a dressdown day at school.  They didn’t have them so I had to go to another store.  I didn’t have time to work on Andrew’s room.  Didn’t have time to do laps in the pool.  Didn’t have the energy left to take a walk and my ankles were killing me from pounding the halls all day long anyway.



jewlz280 says 31st August @ 7:38

Sounds as if you’ve made the right decision. If you are financially able to do it and feel that you can’t be the great supportive teacher you were, it’s time to walk away. And that’s not to say you have to quit working. There is NOTHING that says you can’t work somewhere else doing something else. You love to garden so you could work at a flower shop or a garden center or even full blown nursery. There are lots of options out there if you want to look into them… Part time and full time. I know we’re in a ‘recession’, but there are still options out there. Do what is best for you and your current situation! Good luck!

P.S. Sorry they never got back to you on the garden. Hopefully you can get something worked out over the winter with them AND your neighbors so that you all are pitching in and reaping rewards! 😀

2dogs1lady says 31st August @ 9:17

I think when you retire, you will do more then than now BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT. Life is so short girl, you do so much, you need to enjoy it!!!

laura705 says 31st August @ 11:24

Sorry you had such a rough day. Life’s too short to be doing something if it’s no longer satisfying for you. I agree w/ Jewlz – you can do something else.

I was always sort of envious of teachers with their summer’s off, but the work you put in during the school year seems to totally negate that benefit…

misscatty says 31st August @ 11:59

Retire and regroup and attack somethign you love. You will be way happier in the long run, and thier are plenty of tutoring, literacy, and other programs that if you miss teaching you can always go back to a version of it with out the strings. GOOD LUCK on your decisions!

beerab says 31st August @ 23:04

*hugs* I think if you feel you can do it then go for it. We just had a guy retire at my work today after 28 years. 🙂

brseay says 1st September @ 16:55

Do you mean it? Are you able to do it now or will it be at the end of the school year? If you’re really going to do it, just make sure that you carve out time for yourself so you’re not doing everything for everyone else…without pay.

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