Chilly morning


Funny how you can feel the chill in the air even though you’re inside the house and the air conditioner is set where it’s been for the last two months.  I didn’t want to roll out of bed.  Just wanted to snuggle down and sleep a little while longer.  At least I can do that next Monday but I’ve got to get through the next few days before enjoying a long weekend.

This was a busy weekend.  Spent most of it working on Andrew’s room and shopping.  I have my menu made out and the groceries are in for the week.  I was trying to incorporate a lot of the garden’s bounty into this week’s meals.  We have green beans, zuchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, okra, corn and peppers like you wouldn’t believe.  Never did hear anything from our friendly, non-communicative city councilman about the community garden but we made it through another season without them mowing it down.  Actually, I doubt if they care what we do.  Don’t know about your town but they’re not even mowing the grass in the highway medians around here.  We’ve shared so much stuff with the neighbors and everyone keeps talking about what they want to do next year.  We got tomato blight which took a toll on the homegrown maters but we got enough for ourselves and a few to share with the neighbors.  Hated to see that.  I was looking forward to having tons of heirlooms and doing some canning and freezing.

I managed to scarf up 22 points yesterday.  Workin hard to get to Honolulu but DH is trying to talk me into going somewhere else.  He thinks we’ll regret going to Hawaii because we’ll be bored.  Maybe he’s right.  We’ve been there so many times.  I’m open to suggestion.  He’s mentioned Mexico.  Maybe just spending three or four weeks around the Yucatan.  I like Mexico and it’s cheaper than Hawaii but it’s not like you can feel free to travel and see the sights on your own agenda.  Things are getting kind of scary down there.


susan says 29th August @ 7:54

My tomatoes fell prey to the same blight. Hopefully we’ll both get a few more healthy harvests before Fall.

Have you thought about Bermuda? Of course I have never been there, but some friends of mine enjoyed it very much and it’s probably only an 1 1/2 flight for you 🙂

brseay says 29th August @ 19:20

Try Costa Rica. It’s gorgeous but still quite safe. I don’t know that I’d want to risk Mexico right now, either.

tjnorth says 29th August @ 22:33

I got a basket of big tasty tomatoes and made a huge pot of tasty sauce! Very delish if I do say so myself. I don’t grow the things but I like to experiment a bit this time of year.

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