No relaxing here!


Sorry, I took off for a couple of days.  It wasn’t that I was gorgeing on doughnuts or lying around watching TV for hours on end.  I was just busy.  School had me going like crazy and then, yesterday, we started redoing Andrew’s bedroom.  Now that Steven has left for WKU and has his own cozy little dorm room, we think it’s only fair that Andrew gets to redo his room.  We took him out yesterday and bought him a new entertainment center, new roman blinds, a new comforter, etc.  After we got home, we shampooed his carpet and threw out his old entertainment center, dresser, and assorted other junk.  Today, I hope to get his room painted.

So, I haven’t been doing what I need to do for staying on track.  Didn’t post here, didn’t weigh myself yesterday, didn’t jog in the pool.  All that stuff is so time-consuming.  Right now, I’m planning out my menues for the week, then I’m going shopping and I have papers to grade, lesson plans to write and painting to do.  It’s not that I’m not being good, it’s just that some of the extra points for writing and planning may get lost.  Still, I racked up 117 points last week and I need 114 so I managed to skim by.  I’ll try to be more on top of things but the main thing is to keep busy and I’m certainly doing that.

Gotta run!  Will post my weight after I take my shower and get a few minutes.

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