Steven’s nasty tempered cat misses him.  She’s very anti-social (like Steven) but she jumped up on my bed about an hour ago and she’s followed me around since I got up.  Now she’s sitting beside me purring like there’s no tomorrow.  She’s used to me getting Steven up about now and running to meet him when he comes downstairs.  It’s strange to see her behaving like this.

I got a little disorganized yesterday.  Ate well and did my 100 laps in the pool but my eating was bottom-heavy.  Lite all day and then most of my calories late.  I don’t want to do that but it’s difficult to keep on track once the day starts rolling.

Again, I didn’t leave school until 4:15  Nine straight hours with a mere twenty minutes for lunch.  Not exactly conductive to good eating habits.  I left work, took Holly home, stopped to get a haircut and pick up groceries .  By the time I got home, it was 6:00 and I still had to do my laps.  Don’t know that there’s any solution.  That’s just the way some days go.

And now, if I’m going to get this one off to a good start, I’d better hit the shower.



jewlz280 says 24th August @ 9:30

Wow. 20mins. for lunch? I’d be all outta whack, too! Is there any way you can throw a protein bar or some other type of snack bar in there in the time between classes? We eat the Kashi bars, Big Nut bars (I like the almond), and my oldest likes the regular Fruit and Grain bars. That might help to stretch out your cals a bit and keep you from being bottom heavy at night.

BTW, did you ever get any news on the community garden? You haven’t mentioned the garden lately… I finally got several tomatoes (and they were yummy!) off of my little plants!

laura705 says 24th August @ 12:27

Poor kitty.

Your day sounds nonstop from beginning to end. It’s hard to eat right with that kind of schedule. And I find I resent the fact that I will need to spend nights and/or weekends planning for, shopping for and cooking meals in order to eat more healthily.

beerab says 24th August @ 19:40

I finally had to tell myself to STOP what I was doing and eat. Things can wait- that’s the only way that it worked for me cuz if I didn’t stop then I’d also be only taking a 15-20 minute lunch. Not anymore- I take my full hour lunch and my two 15 minute breaks.

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