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Feels strange this morning.  Steven is gone.  Andrew has school but his first class is at 10:00 so he’s still upstairs asleep.  DH is at work.  I don’t even have to pick up Holly this morning because DIL says she has a doctor’s appt and she’ll take her to school afterwards.  I’ve been getting kids up and out the door for so long it almost feels like a vacation to only have to get myself ready.

I did pretty good yesterday.  Got 21 points.  Did my laps and kept my calories low but my meals were a little less controlled than I’d like.  I didn’t plan them yesterday and just kind of ate whatever was around.  Cereal for breakfast, leftover Thai noodle salad for lunch and then I sauteed a tilapia filet for dinner and threw it on two hot dog buns.  Not too great.  Calories were way under what it should have been and nutrition wasn’t exactly great but I had a doctor’s appointment after work, then I rushed home to do my pool laps and I just wanted to do something fast for dinner.  Didn’t get that point for planning my meals in advance yesterday and it really makes a difference.

I talked to Steven last night.  He’s having a good time.  Ran into a friend from high school and it sounds like the Master Plan program for new freshmen is keeping him busy.  He said they took them on a tour around the campus and up to the mall on the free campus shuttle bus yesterday.  Took them to lunch and showed them how to use their meal plan and what they could get with it.  Dinner was on his own and then his dorm group met up for a scavenger hunt.

It’s getting late.  Guess I’d better hit the shower and then come back on here and record my weight.

…Whoo Hooo!!  Back in Onederland (barely)!  Just weighed myself and I’m at 199.5.  I think this requires a celebration.  I’m going for 25 points today!


laura705 says 23rd August @ 17:06

Congrats on onederland! Good job on the points too!

You mentioned missing the “going away to college” experience, and I wish I’d had that too. (I lived at home during college.) Sounds like your GS is off to a good start. 🙂

brseay says 23rd August @ 19:44

Save me a spot in onderland–I hopped back to the other side of the fence 🙁

beerab says 23rd August @ 20:21

Yay for onederland!

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