It’s official.  Steven is now a WKU Hilltopper.  I can’t believe it’s Monday morning.  I spent all day Saturday getting Steven packed and all day yesterday getting him unpacked and settled in.  We got home late last night and I felt like I’d missed my entire weekend.  Didn’t get to bed until 11:30.  Still, I woke up at 5:00 and wasn’t able to get back to sleep so I gave up.

Yesterday was rough.  I only scored 12 points.  I didn’t really expect it to be quite so busy and chaotic.  Even though I’d been warned.  I had a hard time getting DH up and going and we still had a couple of last minute items to round up and get packed.  In all the excitement, I didn’t eat breakfast.

Drove all the way to WKU and it took almost an hour for Steven to get through the line to check into his room and get the key.  I didn’t really understand that we’d have to wait in line for the elevator to take stuff to his room.  We had to unload all his stuff at the curb in front of the dorm and leave someone to watch it while ditching the car and trailer and then walking back.  At that point, they had sent a couple of volunteers to help us but it still meant everyone taking a couple of items and standing in a long line waiting for the elevators to get up to Steven’s room.  Then we’d come back down and grab a few more items and wait through the line again to deliver them before starting the same routine all over again.  There were only two small elevators and, with everyone trying to use them at the same time, it took forever.

We finally got all his stuff up to the room and then tried to figure out how on earth we were going to get it all to fit.  They had the beds set up on opposite sides of the tiny room so we stacked them as bunks.  That freed up some space.  Next, we slid the dressers into the closet areas.  That still left two desks, two bookshelves and two chairs.  We put the bookshelves at the head and foot of the bed and ran the two desks down the far wall.  In the process, DH knocked my i-Phone off the table and it hit the floor and broke.

Then came the unpacking part.  I think Steven took everything he owns.  We finally got it all sorted out and discovered his TV didn’t work.  We had to attend an orientation meeting for parents and, after we got out, we went in search of a TV.  Pulled into a Walmart and saw a second-hand thrift store in the same shopping center so we went in and managed to scarf up a pretty decent TV for $17.00.  Which is a good thing because we have a dozen TVs at home and I wasn’t happy with the idea of spending $150 at Walmart for a new TV.

We bought all the last minute refrigerated/frozen items like pancakes and frozen pizza, milk, butter and juice and headed back to the dorm.  Just got everything squared away and looking good in time for the parent/student orientation meeting at KAP.  The meeting started at 4:00 their time, which was 5:00 our time.  At that point, I hadn’t eaten anything all day long so I scarffed up 3 (THREE) slices of pizza and a sprite.  I would have gone for a diet coke and was surprised they didn’t have any diet drinks but they didn’t.

We finished up the meeting at 5:30 and just managed to get Steven back to the dorm in time for his 6:00 meet and greet with all the new guys on his floor.  We hugged and kissed and I teared up and headed for home.  He was smiling and waving as we drove away.  I know he’s excited and happy and hope he stays that way.

We got home at 9:45 (our time) and I still had to get stuff ready for school today.  DS had fixed spaghetti for his dinner and I ate a little.  Can you believe I was still hungry after three pieces of pizza?  No exercise yesterday and bad food choices.  I didn’t go over my calorie allotment but it was nothing but junk food.  I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track today.

And now, I’ve been posting so long that I’ve got to get a move on or I’ll be pushing the envelope to get to work on time.


laura705 says 22nd August @ 16:14

Challenging day. Hope today is better for you.

beerab says 22nd August @ 18:38

I hate when you have a day like that and it throws you off- but it’s over now- time to get back on plan 🙂

brseay says 22nd August @ 19:38

I’m so glad he was excited–it had to make it a tiny bit easier to leave him there.

And being hungry after 3 pieces of pizza??? Of course you were–I’m amazed you were able to stop after 3. Considering the chaos of the day I think you did pretty well.

As fun as unpacking was, just wait until you have to pack everything up and haul it back home. All of his stuff will have multiplied 🙂

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