First day of school is behind me.  It went pretty well but I had a couple of kids that slept and that’s always irritating.  What are you supposed to do?  All the other kids said, “Oh, he always sleeps.  Last year he slept every single day in every single class.”  I mean, if they’re not going to be awake on the very first day for the fun, get acquainted stuff, it’s pretty bad.  I had to wake one up and say, “Hey!  School’s out.  Go home.”

I have to be careful today.  I got up early again.  Yesterday, I had so much extra time I was almost late.  Know what I mean?  I had tons of extra time so I posted a bit too long, lingered over coffee a bit too long, spent a bit too long in the shower and, all of a sudden, it’s 7:00 and I have to be a school at 7:30 and wanted to be there by 7:00.  I walked in the building with three minutes to spare before students were released to go to classrooms.  Don’t know how it happened but I don’t want to do it again today.

Hope to do better on my points today although I’m doing okay.  Getting 25 points is pretty tough and I know I can’t always do it but it’s a goal to push for.  I’m still not smoking, and eating well.  Gotta take some water to school today and try to get some exercise.  Hopefully, I can still walk when I get home.



susan says 18th August @ 8:40

Go Carpe that Diem 🙂

brseay says 19th August @ 21:58

We see kiddos on Monday–hopefully they’ll all be awake 🙂

You’re making amazing progress on the choo-choo, keep it up!

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