Off to School?


I hope so.  After missing the first two days we’re finally starting the school year.  I’m afraid I got up too early.  I hit the snooze button a couple of times and then got up and now I have two hours until I have to be at work.  That’s okay, though.  I’ll go in early and help all the kiddos find their classrooms.

I did a good job yesterday.  Earned 25 miles on the Choo Choo.  Not that it’s being reflected in weight loss.  I gave myself a point for resisting a major temptation just for doing my pool laps.  I went out there and the minute I looked at the temp, I almost chickened out.  Then, when I finally climbed down the ladder into 66 degree water, I almost climbed right back out.  Hung in there and got 100 laps done.  Think I deserve the resistance point for resisting the temptation to opt out of my laps because the pool was freezing.

I got my bike out yesterday and Steven got his.  They’ve both been stored beside the house for a couple of years.  He was going to take his to WKU this weekend to make it easier to get around campus.  I was surprised that both our bikes were ready to go.  Figured they’d have flat tires and need some work but they didn’t.  Unfortunately, Steven fell in love with my bike and I gave it to him.  I didn’t even ride it.  Just got it out, washed it, oiled the chain and figured I’d have it ready to go.  I came in the house and Steven came in a few minutes later and said, “I love your bike!  I like it a lot more than mine!”  I asked him why and he said it rides better, it has a comfy seat (Yeah, I have a big butt so I got a nice seat for it) and the handlebars are in a comfortable position.  He wanted to know if he could take it to school and I brought up the fact that it’s a girl’s bike but he didn’t care.  So I told him he could take it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have but I figured I’d just use it for a few weeks of exercise but he’s going to need it as his primary means of transportation.

I guess I ought to eat breakfast.  I’ve been tracking my food on Sparkpeople and logged in 1,249 calories for yesterday.  I’m not going to keep track of it on 3FC.  It’s better to do it on Sparkpeople and get the nutritional analysis.

Here’s yesterday’s Choo Choo Miles.  I earned 25!

TASK Points Sun Mon Tues
Record food                                                        1 1 1 1
Between 1200 and 1400 calories  3 3   3
Between 1000 and 1600 calories 2   1  
Weigh daily and record weight  1 1 1 1
No smoking  5 5 5 5
No smoking in house 1 1 1 1
Exercise 45 minutes 3 3   3
Mini exercise session 1     1
No eating after 8:00 1 1    
Downtime no more than 2 hours 2 2 2  
Downtime no more than 3 hours 1     1
Challenging hometask 1 1 1 1
Deposit $5.00 in Savings 1 1 1 1
Drink 8 cups of water 2     2
Post on 3FC 1 1 1 1
Three meals and Snack 1   1 1
Resist major temptation 2     2
Plan next day’s meals 1 1 1 1
Daily Total (aim for 25) 21 16 25

8:00 pm Update – I’m tired.  I only got 18 points today.  I worked on my lessons for the rest of the week and didn’t leave school until 5:00.  Dropped Holly off at home and got in at 5:30.  My ankles are killing me.  I don’t know how teachers sit at a desk and teach.  I’ve never been able to do that.  I’m running up and down the halls and all over the room.  I can barely walk so I sure don’t want to exercise.

I ate well.  Three squares and a snack.  Total of 1,274 calories. Didn’t smoke or let anyone smoke in the house.  I didn’t get my points for drinking water because (believe it or not) there isn’t a water fountain or any source of water in my end of the building.  Now that I know that, I’ll take water with me and put it in my little fridge.  I didn’t get points for exercising and I didn’t get any for resisting any major temptation because I didn’t have to deal with any major temptations today.  Didn’t get my hometask point either.  I did good just to get home, fix dinner, get my clothes ready for tomorrow and do the dishes.  I am not going to take on anything I don’t have to this evening.  In fact, I’m hoping to be in bed shortly.


laura705 says 17th August @ 12:22

Good day for you yesterday! I think those points for resisting the temptation to not do the laps due to the cold water make sense. It makes sense to apply points for resisting both the temptation to DO something (eat junky food) and NOT do something (exercise).

Nice you gave your bike to your gs to use. Sounds like he’ll get a lot of use out of it.

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