Breakfast – hard boiled egg (80), 8 oz. tomato juice (45)
Snack – Pretzels (75), Light Ice Cream Sandwich (140)

Here I am enjoying my morning coffee and straw and I should be at school finishing up first period.  We haven’t even started school yet and we’re already behind.  This morning’s paper says we still have 34,000 without power after the storm.  I hope we can have school tomorrow.  I want to get it done.  By the time June rolls around, every extra day will seem like a week.

Still doing okay with everything.   Just chewing up a bunch of straws instead of smoking.  Wonder if chewing plastic causes cancer?  At any rate, I’m hanging in there.  I scored 21 points yesterday which wasn’t bad.  About what I expected.  I ate well and exercised.  I’m also attempting to address other bad habits so I’ll need to be on my plan for a while in order to fine tune it.  I already added one thing.  I didn’t get around to eating until after 4:00 yesterday and I know that’s not good.  I have a bad habit of not eating all day and then eating non-stop from 5:00 or so until bedtime.  So I added a category for having three meals and a snack all day instead of a non-stop dinner.  I want that point today so I’m already eating a hard-boiled egg and tomato juice for breakfast.

I weighed in at 202.5 this morning.  Funny how I’m not really concerned with the actual weight.  I’m more concerned about changing habits and lifestyle.  I know the weight will follow.  I haven’t even really thought about how much I want to lose or set any mini goals or anything like that.  Maybe I’ll deal with that later.  For today, I’m aiming for a perfect day with 25 points.  I even have a plan for my challenging hometask today…I want to get Steven’s college stuff out of my workout room and get my treadmill ready to go.  I’ve lost my MP3 up there somewhere and I’m sure it fell between some of those boxes up there.  My hometask will be to get Steven’s boxes hauled out to the trailer and get ready to workout.  I just about froze yesterday in the pool and I’ve got to find an alternative.  Can’t walk, no room to do aerobics, my bike has a flat tire, my treadmill is covered in boxes and that just leaves the pool for working out.  Considering that the water temp has dropped down to 66 degrees, that’s not something I want to do.

4:50 – Would you believe I just got home from school and MY ROOM STILL HASN’T BEEN CLEANED!!!  I called the principal and she said the custodians had told her all the rooms were finished.  I told her mine hadn’t been done.  She called the head custodian and he assured her it had.  I invited her down to see it.  She showed up a few minutes later with the head custodian and I couldn’t believe what he was saying:

Principal Lady – “Your staff made a mistake or something.  Obviously this room hasn’t been cleaned.”

Head Custodian – “Yeah, it’s been cleaned.  It’s just that it’s been a while.”

PL – “No.  This room has not been cleaned at all.”

HC – “We didn’t strip the floors.  Just mopped them and buffed because I didn’t think they needed to be stripped but this room has been done.”

PL – “Are you kidding me?  Look at this, this dust is an inch deep on the floors.  I can’t tell that anything’s been cleaned except the desks and bookshelves.”

Me – “Ummm…I wiped down the desks and bookshelves.”

HC – “That isn’t dust on the floor.  It’s where we buffed and the buffer stirred up stuff and kind of threw it in the corners.”

PL – “Come here…Look at this.  Do you see this Valentine Conversation Heart laying here in the corner?  Look under this desk, Do you see that gum?  See all that gum?  This is not dust that was thrown up by the buffer.  This room hasn’t been cleaned.  The desks and shelves weren’t cleaned.  The walls weren’t washed or painted.  The trash from last spring is still in the can.  The floors haven’t been mopped or stripped or waxed or buffed.  They haven’t even been swept.   How can you stand there and tell me this room has been cleaned???”

Then HC started talking about how much he had going on all summer and PL just walked out while he was still talking.  She went into a couple more rooms in my end of the hall and I couldn’t hear the conversation but I definitely heard the volume going up and the tone getting nasty.

I gave up on it and arranged my student desks the way I want them to be.  Unrolled my rug and put it under my desk area, set up my cart with my projector, document camera and airliner and got everything ready.  I was just finishing up at 3:00 when two custodians came in and told me they were supposed to clean the room and would have to move all the stuff out in the hall.  At this point, I’m giving up.  I’ll just meet with my students in the morning and say “Everyone grab a desk and drag it in the room.”

Still not smoking and DH says he’s doing good, too!  I have a lot to do to get as many points as I can for today.  So far, I only have 15 points.  Gotta get moving!

5:30 – Crap!  They just announced that school’s will be closed tomorrow.  Still too many trees down, impassable roads and people without electricity.  At this rate, school will be out before it starts.  Cool!



laura705 says 15th August @ 12:15

Your next challenging hometask might be to repair the flat tire on the bicycle, LOL!

beerab says 15th August @ 23:07

That would have REALLY annoyed me if I were the principal- specially if we were paying extra for the service. I would have made them do ALL the rooms “again” then inspected each one myself.

I think a point for eating multiple meals and a snack is a good idea. I find that if I eat a lot more during the day I don’t feel like pigging out at night.

brseay says 16th August @ 20:27

That is so awesome that you’re more focused on healthy choices and lifestyle and not the scale!! That sounds like a woman on a mission talking 🙂

How frustrating about the cleaning (or lack thereof). At least the principal supported you. And good for you for speaking up about the fact that you were responsible for the only clean thing in the room.

fatnomo says 17th August @ 0:11

Going on 48 hours here Ms. Patty! Work has been hectic. Patched up yesterday. Totally forgot today but made it through without. I’m sure tomorrow will be just as EASY. No it wasn’t, but I did it. The trick is to keep myself busy. I just have to be careful not to replace nicotine with food. Go hubby too! Mine bowed out of quitting. Fine. I’m putting my $5 a day away too girl. Right on your tail! Thanks for inspiring me!

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