Did I go to a wild and crazy party last night?   My eyes are all scratchy, I slept like the dead and I feel like I have a hangover.  Cripes!  Someone must have slipped something in my drink!

We had meetings all morning and then went to lunch at 11:00.  I walked in the theatre feeling smug and in control.  Determined that I would have some fruit and coffee and pass up all those doughnuts.  I passed up the doughnuts but there wasn’t any fruit!  Just bagels and doughnuts.  So I grabbed a cup of black coffee and settled in.  Looked at the agenda and saw that I had a prominent role in the proceedings.  Would have been nice to know in advance.  I might not have worn a black tee shirt that had a bright yellow skull and crossbones and said “Skully’s Beach Bar!” across the front.  At any rate, I did my thing…Talked all about email, ILPs, teacher accounts, repair procedures, upcoming Professional Development sessions, procedures for checking out classroom sets of laptops, and a host of other items.

Me and my homies decided on O’Charleys for lunch and crammed into Gwen’s van with an hour of freedom.  I had no idea that O’Charleys had NOTHING nutritional on the menu.  sigh…I’ve gotta quit letting them choose the restaurants.  I looked them up on my iPhone and even the salads were weighing in at around 1,000 calories.  There really wasn’t anything I could eat and feel good about.  The waiter pointed out that I could get a kids meal with grilled chicken and order a side of broccoli so I went with it. 

I was sitting there thinking about it while everyone else was wolfing down hot-from-the-oven yeast rolls with honey butter and began to regret ordering a diet coke and some bland chicken and broccoli that was going to run me close to $10.00 with the tip.  After about 25 minutes, Gwen complained to the waiter about how long it was taking.  They weren’t very busy and everyone had ordered from the lunch menu.  Our group consisted of just five of us.  A group that had been seated almost ten minutes after us had already received their food and we hadn’t gotten anything.  He said it was because some of us had ordered the lunch combos.  Salad and soup or salad and half a sandwich.  ???  Wouldn’t you think the lunch combo would be fast?  He said he’d check on our orders and left the table.  He came back with drink refills and said our food would be out shortly.  I took a sip of my coke and was sure it was a regular coke and not diet.  Sharon took a sip and agreed with me.  I asked the waiter but he assured me it was diet.  I didn’t trust him and wasn’t about to waste a couple hundred calories on a coke so I just sipped my water.  After 45 minutes, two of our party had received their salads but nothing else had appeared.  I told the waiter to cancel my order.  We were down to 15 minutes and I hadn’t been all that keen on broiled chicken and broccoli anyway.  Gwen went to see the manager (something I would never do if someone was preparing my food…) and, while she was gone, the food arrived and the waiter apologized and provided take-out containers.  He was really pushy about wanting me to take my food but I was determined I wasn’t going to so he sent it back.

Back at school, I headed to my new room to try to get organized and set up for Monday when the kids come back.  My new room used to be occupied by “coach” before he transferred over the summer.  It looks like it hasn’t had a good cleaning in quite a while.  I’m at the very end of a very long hallway and the entire building has been cleaned and is ready to go except for the last six or seven rooms.  Of course, I’m one of the six or seven.  I haven’t done a lot of unpacking and setting up because I didn’t want to do it before they cleaned.  I had mentioned that my room hadn’t been done to the principal on Thursday and she wasn’t happy.  She checked with the custodial staff and they told her everything had been done except the floors.  NOT!  The walls have old posters and junk all over them, dust is an inch thick on everything and the trash is still there since last spring.  Tons of stuff the coach threw out is still piled by the door.

After lunch, I went to my room and it still hadn’t been cleaned.  I emailed the principal and she came down to my room.  She was super-pissed.  She said she was having to pay them $800 in overtime this weekend for stuff they should have done over the summer.  She left and I started cleaning.  At this point, I have to do something because I have students first thing Monday morning and the only thing I’ve done to get the room ready is put up bulletin boards.  I went in search of cleaning supplies and began wiping down the bookshelves and pulling crap off the walls so I could get some stuff unpacked.  I pushed all the old boxes and trash out in the hall and began arranging my desks.  The floors are filthy and I know they’re going to move everything around today but I didn’t have any choice except to go ahead and set up the best I could with the room still dirty.  The principal emailed me and said the custodians would be cleaning the room today between 8:00 and 4:00 and they said for me to call to make sure I could get in my room if I wanted to set it up today.

Damn!  I really didn’t want to have to go to school today to do stuff I was prepared to do all week.  They’re getting paid overtime and I’m working for free because they don’t have my room cleaned.  Go figure.  At any rate, I’m going to have to go out there if they get it ready early enough for me to do anything.  They have to clean and wax the floors and I don’t want to drive all the way over there to find that I can’t get in the room.

All in all, yesterday was not a good day.  I got home around 4:00 and hadn’t eaten anything all day.  I brought a covered trailer owned by the ROTC Booster Club home with me.  I borrowed it so we could get all Steven’s stuff packed over the next week.  We’ll be taking him to WKU next Sunday to get him moved into the dorm.  Jake and Scout spent the night last night and they’ve been driving me crazy to get the ROTC camper set up and spend the night in it.  I figured if I’m going to get the damn thing sold, I need to see what kind of shape it’s in so we pulled it in the backyard and set it up.  Just an old popup camper.  Consists of two “wings” that support a couple of beds and a table that folds down to make another bed.  It’s vintage 1969 with the plaid decor and bright orange indoor/outdoor carpet.  The canvas looks new.  It’s in great shape.  The camper was stored in a garage so it hasn’t suffered from the weather.  I unpacked everything and found that it contained a sleeping bag, a coleman stove, pots and pans, lifejackets, a space heater, sheets and pillows, a few games, a couple of fishing poles and a minnow bucket.  Jake and Scout thought it was “cool!” and wanted to sleep in it last night.  They’re still out there.  Guess I should be getting them up.

Dinner wasn’t very good.  I had planned on making a “light” version of fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken, broccoli, zuchini, and yellow squash.  I know I ate too much.  Lightened up doesn’t necessarily mean low cal.   I had also planned on serving sliced home-grown tomatoes with it but I succumbed to tempation and topped mine with a thick slice of mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper.  Squeezed a fresh lemon over it and I felt like I’d died and gone to Heaven so I had seconds.

A new day.  It’s gotta be better than yesterday.  I’m going to get the kids up, take a shower and recruit family to help me set up my classroom.  I just hope I can get in it.  If not, I’m going to be getting to school at the crack of dawn Monday and scrambling to make my room presentable for my new students.  I really don’t want to welcome them to a room that’s not ready.

2:00 pm Update – Called the school at 11:00 and they said they hadn’t gotten to my room yet.  Said it probably wouldn’t be ready until around 2:00.  Kind of caught me off guard with that one.  I mean, did they think they would be able to complete it in three hours?  Still, I just called them again.  Optimist that I am…and they said they won’t have it ready until almost four.  The building closes at 4:00 today so they won’t be finished in time for me to do anything.  And, of course, the building is closed tomorrow.

Found out it’s 4,384 miles from here to Honolulu.  Ought to be able to use that little factoid in my plan. 

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