I’m home again.  How many times have I said that this summer?  Seems like I get home, get back to eating right and exercising and then take off again.  Hasn’t been a great summer for losing weight and getting back on track.

I made up my mind that summer is almost over and I need to do some school stuff.  I’m teaching computer and business classes this year and running a computer lab.  The school has an online program in the lab for the business classes and I thought I’d spend the morning getting familiar with the program.  They sent me a couple of CDs to help me learn how to work with it.

Problem is, I went to install the CDs and they aren’t installation disks.  They’re “how to” disks and the first statement says, “Make sure you’re at the teacher workstation in the lab.”  So then, I thought I’d go online to our state-wide system and take a look at my schedule and students but the info isn’t in the system yet so I don’t know what I’m teaching, what periods I’m teaching or the names and numbers of students I have.

Daggone it.  I’ve already gone to school three days this summer to move all my stuff from the library to the computer lab/classroom and now it looks like I’m going to have to go in for a couple more days to learn how to work with this program.  On top of that, our retreat is coming up and I have to attend it for a couple of days.

Oh well, if I can’t work with the program I need, I guess I’ll go online and see what else I need to do for Steven.  There’s an unGodly amount of paperwork and red tape involved in getting kids enrolled in college and I’m sure there’s stuff I still need to do.


fatnomo says 29th July @ 22:49

Sistah Pat! Glad to find a familiar face still here. I’m back. Realized that I have given every ounce of my time to everyone but me. Soooo glad you are here and still fighting the good fight. I needed some of your blog pizzazz to remotivate me! Looking forward to catching up on your blog and giggling with you through the madness!


brseay says 30th July @ 14:15

I hate it that it’s almost August 🙁 I only have 1 more full week off before I’m back to work and I’m vowing to do nothing school related. What sucks is that kids have somehow figured out how to preview their schedules before registration so every time I log-on to my email I have a million emails asking for an “easy” change. I’m sure they think we’re on contract all summer so I try not to get frustrated but don’t they realize that I deserve a summer vacation, too???? I’m going to do my best not to even check my email this week so that I can enjoy what is left of my summer and try to show up to inservice rejuvinated and looking forward to the school year instead of feeling like I didn’t get any “me” time.

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